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Chris Paul and the Rottenberg Invariance Principle

Chris Paul was said to be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers from the New Orleans Hornets earlier today, then just tonight the deal was cancelled by the NBA.  197 more words

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The NFL Lockout and Rottenberg's Invariance Principle

The NFL in its opening brief argued that Judge Nelson’s ending of the lockout a few weeks back caused harm to the NFL, by making it so that better off (in the financial sense) teams could sign better players, and that would harm the league by causing a decline in competitive balance.  307 more words

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Lecture P1. From Integrality Gaps to Dictatorship Tests

Here are Prasad Raghavendra‘s notes on one of two guest lectures he gave for CSE 599S. Prasad will be a faculty member at Georgia Tech after he finishes his postdoc at MSR New England. 3,702 more words

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