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The news around town is that another Nigerian is claiming to have found a cure for AIDS. Again. Social media shakes its head and reminds us of Dr. 2,085 more words


HR 2.0 is the poster child for the next wave of SaaS innovation @TechCrunch @hirimalibe

The path for SaaS domination of a market segment has historically followed one of two routes: bringing previously offline workflows online, or moving on-premise software processes online.

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Verizon is launching virtual network services @TechCrunch @hirimalibe

Called “Virtual Network Solutions” and announced in a press release filled with so much corporate jargon it’s barely understandable, the idea is that spinning up, monitoring, managing, protecting, and tweaking networks is hard for businesses dealing with private and public clouds (unless you’re Goldman Sachs, the CIA, or Verizon itself) so why not let a…

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Invention And Innovation

Tony Fadell speaks out about innovation, revolution, Nest, Steve Jobs and entrepreneurship — TechCrunch

At a time when Silicon Valley is so focused on software, Tony reminds us that being truly revolutionary requires a combination of both great hardware and great software.

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Columbus Ohio officially winner of DOT Smart City Challenge and $140 million in innovation grants — TechCrunch

With the Columbus Dispatch (and many possible runner-up cities) reporting two days ago that Columbus was the winner of the Smart City Challenge, official word was silent until this afternoon.

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Finland’s hot startup scene crackles at Arctic 15 — TechCrunch

Silicon Valley may be the startup center of the universe, but it’s far from alone when it comes to a concentration of good ideas. Innovation and creativity aren’t confined to any one place, and the startup hub idea that has taken root in the Valley can be replicated in others areas of the country and…

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How chief information officers become chief innovation officers — TechCrunch

In the early 1900s, large organizations needed another type of CEO: Chief Electricity Officer. Before there was an accessible and reliable power grid to plug into, organizations that needed electricity employed a CEO to make sure they had steady and cheap access to this vital commodity.

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Invention And Innovation