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How expiring patents are ushering in the next generation of 3D printing — TechCrunch

Although there is still a lot of hype surrounding 3D printing and how it may or may not be the next industrial revolution, the cost of printing continues to drop while the quality of 3D prints continues to rise.

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INNOVATE2016: Why the internet has failed and how to fix it — TechCrunch

Power now resides with massive centralizing corporations like Google and Facebook and thus the Internet no longer reflects the interests of its users. So, the digital revolution has pretty much failed, according to Union Square Ventures partner Albert Wenger.

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Invention And Innovation

Four ways African countries can ensure digital innovation benefits the entire population — TechCrunch

When Rwanda’s socioeconomic turnaround is discussed, the country’s disciplined approach to economic growth and commitment to avoiding the pitfalls of corruption are usually highlighted. However, while these components certainly played a significant role, another key factor in Rwanda’s transformation is often overlooked.

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Invention And Innovation

Amazon poaches AI guru from Xerox PARC to work on Alexa virtual assistant — TechCrunch

Amazon has hired Xerox PARC employee and AI researcher Ashwin Ram to head up R&D for Alexa, the e-commerce behemoth’s AI-driven virtual assistant. Ram first tweeted about his appointment on Tuesday, and a spokesperson for Amazon has now confirmed the hire but declined to offer any further comment.

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NASA makes it rain with $243M in contracts to institutions and small businesses — TechCrunch

NASA is spreading the dough around like a pastry chef. Today the agency announced $50 million in grants to nearly 300 different recipients, from small engineering firms to big-time research institutions.

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Mad scientist shrinks Arduino to size of an AA battery — TechCrunch

The hardware tinkerers and prototype mavens out there will invariably have stumbled across the Arduino platform. Completely open source and always pushing the limits for collaboration, there are a ton of different development boards available, but none are as awesome as Johan Kanflo’s AAduino.

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Nvidia announces a supercomputer aimed at deep learning and AI — TechCrunch

The sophisticated neural networks underlying systems like Google’s Deep Dream and all manner of interesting experiments require a great deal of computing power. Nvidia proposes to put all that horsepower in a single box, specially engineered to meet the needs of AI researchers.

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