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Things That Haven't Been Invented But Should Be.

Hi everyone! It’s me again – the really clever guy who lights up your lives, raises your IQ levels and generally makes your brain expand to twice it’s normal size. 518 more words


Harnessing Radio Waves For Electricity

Radio waves are also electricity didn’t you notice? Waves that travel on air to your phones or AM/FM radios by capturing it to an antenna. So, by creating a smaller “radio” transmitter for your home, you can also wireless charge your devices. 107 more words


Smartphone That Lasts

I don’t need to play games because I am an adult. I just need a phone
that lasts for days on a single charge for email, messaging, voice… 214 more words


Friendly Mind

Three persons are trying to show off their stuff…

“Look at my new phone, it’s made from 100% renewable energy!” one person said.

“That’s great!” they said. 109 more words


GEAR: Portable Snowboard Footrest Uses Hook & Wire To Attach To Chairlift

If balancing your board on your toe for a lift ride up is too much to bear you might like this new product that is about to launch on Indiegogo. 196 more words


“I desire to see your pencil gather all the mysteries and beauties of nature...” 11/20/1866

David S. Forney to WAR, Wytheville, Virginia, November 20, 1866

My dear Billy,

You have reached me exactly in sending to my old headquarters. I have been here since last fall, kept here by the results of the terrible misfortune that has befallen me, about which you have probably heard: the death of my dearest, best, beloved friend and brother from my own hands by the premature discharge of a gun while hunting. 930 more words


Engineer makes real flying thor hammer

Thor’s hammer (Mjolnir) has a lot of abilities; conjuring lightning, making thor fly and the most notable one, coming back to his hands after it has been thrown. 180 more words