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Stop questioning life

And let life question you


Who invented the electric bulb? Edison? Wrong!

If you all have been taught that Thomas Alva Edison was the one that invented the Electric bulb then I have to tell you that you’re absolutely 

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Consciousness Of The Creator!

And then vibrated  an enormous ray of frequency with an  omnipresent voice. I will be seen to those only who wish to see me. I will be heard to those only who wish to hear me… with so many souls around. 184 more words


The calling....

Allow me to introduce you to a service like no other. A service that assists you towards you goal that dimensionally of elevation, through unsought talents and projects. 69 more words

Parking Meter History

Several years ago, I decided to read about the history of parking meters.  I know, it doesn’t exactly sound like a thriller.  However, it was interesting. 42 more words

Forget Selfie Sticks: This Drone Captures Photos and Videos in Midair

Instead of extending your arm or using a selfie stick to snap shots of you and your crew, you could use a new pocket-size drone — dubbed the “Air-Selfie” to help you remotely capture aerial photos and videos. 44 more words