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1. A.L. Breguet – Watch

2. Baird- Television

3. C. Sholes – Typewriter

4. Charles Babbage – Computer

5. E.G. Otis – Lift… 40 more words


Patenting to benefit the masses and promote growth

If unused research and designs could only be protected for 10 years, before being released on an international open source network, it would have a positive effect on the development and competition within many industries. 425 more words

The Unsung Hero

Nikola Tesla had vision. No, Nikola Tesla had VISION. He envisioned a world where energy was freely available. He imagined (and created) inventions that would help the world run more efficiently, without harmful emissions, without depleting the Earth’s resources. 514 more words

AlyZen Moonshadow

"TELEPHONE n. An invention of the devil which abrogates some of the advantages of making a disagreeable person keep his distance"*...

Christian Marclay’s “Telephones” (1995), a 7 1/2-minute compilation of brief Hollywood film clips that creates a narrative of its own. These linked-together snippets of scenes involve innumerable well-known actors such as Cary Grant, Tippi Hedren, Ray Milland, Humphrey Bogart and Meg Ryan, who dial, pick up the receiver, converse, react, say good-bye and hang up.

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'Clock Boy' Ahmed Traumatized by Celebrity and Free Travel

(The Barbed Wire) – The delicate snowflake who has gained fame simply be being arrested for building a bomb-looking device, known worldwide as “Clock Boy,” is under duress according to his family, and is being traumatized by all of the love and admiration he is being forced to receive from the PC crowd. 263 more words


Helical Solutions, Inventor Pro HSM and Solid Edge updates

Three things of interest today. First up is helical Solutions. http://www.harveytool.com/cms/News20150827PressRelease_383.aspx will take you to a press release. Of greater interest for me was the idea that they would be better funded by a company that sells small things and Helical can supply the larger things. 735 more words

Españoles olvidados IX: Leonardo Torres Quevedo, un inventor polifacético

La expectación es máxima. La alfombra roja ya está en su sitio y la banda de música lista para arrancar a tocar. Este debería ser el mínimo recibimiento que el invitado de hoy debería tener. 1,717 more words

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