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I Became a Patented Inventor In Fifth Grade

Today is National Inventors’ Day. It takes me back to elementary school, where I was a participant in Invention Convention. It was a local competition for Toledo Public Schools that encouraged to invent something new and useful. 302 more words

11th February - On This Day In History


1847 Thomas Edison (inventor of the light bulb and holder of approximately 1200 patents)


1986 Frank Herbert (author of “Dune”)

On This Day: 17 more words

The Robot Clocks of 12th-Century Turkey | Atlas Obscura

During his 70 years on Earth, Turkish scholar and inventor Al-Jazari built an impressive range of robots, clocks, and robot clocks. What’s even more impressive is that he created the bulk of them during the 12th century. 141 more words


Inventing Inventions

/////// My invention would be to display and discuss side by side comparisons of how Art has moved from Classical to Modern from its long strict history. 183 more words

Cultural Wind Jammer

I have the impression that some ways must be left behind, some mental habits must be abandoned, if we are not to clip the wings of progress. 859 more words


Invention that made our lives Esay

Here are some simple everyday items that inventors made even better after decades. We collected and make a list that they really change our lives. 263 more words


Invention Best items to disassemble for parts

Here is a break down list of all the inventor parts, and the best thing to disassemble to acquire them.

Base Components – Runite Bolts / Rune Swords / Kiteshields / Broad Bolts. 608 more words