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Presentations make ideas clearer to colleagues and more impressive to clients. Learn to create presentations with visually compelling features, such as exploded views, to improve your documentation in the enhanced Autodesk Inventor presentation environment. 93 more words


Big Mac Inventor died at age 98

Michael Jim  Delligatti was the founder of the Big Mac.

and who hasn’t had one at least once in this lifetime?

one of the most iconic known sandwiches  still a delight… 63 more words

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Jim Delligatti, Inventor of the Big Mac, Dies at 98 - After Eating One Each Week

Michael “Jim” Delligatti, the inventor of the iconic McDonald’s Big Mac, has died at the age of 98, testimony to the fact that a Big Mac-a-week can indeed keep the doctor away. 109 more words


2. The History of HTML/World Wide Web

In 1989 a man named Tim Berners-Lee invented the world wide web with HTML as it’s publishing language. Berners-Lee, a scientist and academic, was the primary author of HTML, of course with assistance of his collages at (CERN), an international scientific organisation. 218 more words

To converse with the greats

“To coverse with the greats” is a poem that was written by Vera Pavlova. In this poem, Vera is talking about how people try to be someone they are not. 98 more words

Precisely exactly how Celebrity Battles Triggered the Production of Laser Tag


When Star Battleswas introduced in May of 1977 it captured the creative thinkings of different people that would absolutely occur to modify the world. One man, a maker called George Carter was encouraged to modify the techniques which teens screwed around in their free… – #GeorgeCarter, #Inventor, #LaserTag, #StarWars, #WhoShotFirst – #georgecarter, #inventor, #lasertag, #starwars, #whoshotfirst http://htzine.net/star-wars/exactly-how-star-battles-caused-the-creation-of-laser-tag/

Is Your Product The Next Big Thing?

November 19, 2016.

Rob Saltzstein, Contributing Editor for Home HealthCare TODAY, recently interviewed Lesli Wang, President & CEO of Free2Go Mobility Products.   In this interview, Lesli shares the trials and tribulations of bringing a new healthcare product to market.

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