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Great Debate: Tesla vs. Edison

By Oscar Wolfe

In school, my class was reading a story about Thomas Edison. I was amazed at how the story completely skipped over all of the bad things about him. 612 more words

Kid P.O.V.

All the Cool Kids are Shipping EdFord

I know it’s in fashion to wildly speculate about the sexuality of various historical figures and label them as this and that through our biased modern lens, but having said that, Henry Ford was totally gay for Thomas Edison. 808 more words

Entrepreneurs Have Been Proving Experts Wrong Forever

There’s a long-standing tradition among scientists, engineers, and industrialists. Every new year, they make predictions about a future.

Is blockchain a major technology, or it’s just a buzzword? 127 more words

4 Lessons From History's Greatest Inventors

I spend a lot of time reading about entrepreneurship and innovation because I admire people who take sensible but daring risks. I want to be more like them. 94 more words

The Star Thief by Lindsey Becker

The Star Thief by Lindsey Becker. April 11, 2017. Little, Brown, and Company, 408 p. ISBN: 9780316348560.  Int Lvl: 3-6; Rdg Lvl: 5.0; Lexile: 920. 644 more words


Liberty Speaks Against the Dark Stone Heart this July 4th

Liberty Speaks this July 4th


Not just for
one person
one group
Male Dominant Entitled Slave Owners
Psychopathic Leaders and their Greedy Spin Minions… 448 more words