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A "Cool" Shipping Idea?

Do you have a “cool” shipping idea?

The Hershey Company recently launched a crowd-sourcing campaign on NineSigma to seek out the next big innovation in shipping, specifically, shipping cold chocolate to warm climates.   244 more words

During Black History Month in 2013, my wife’s friend, Kora, sent a short Facebook message to my wife jokingly asking, “Does this remind you of anyone we know?” below a picture of Lewis Howard Latimer. 1,266 more words


I once heard a saying about Romania. It was something along the lines of “we have a beautiful country, too bad it’s inhabited”. I wouldn’t really say quite that, I’d rather say “too bad there’s no one decent enough to vote for”. 308 more words


So, you have an idea. What now?

The majority of people I meet have an idea for an invention that they believe is a ‘million dollar idea’. Out of all of these people, and there is a lot, I only know 2 who have done something with that idea. 502 more words


The Biophantascope

So a most pleasant “Steam Driven Quiz Night” at renowned Brighton hostelry The Yellow Book proved to be more than a little educational. We learnt about this chap:  58 more words


Can I get a patent?

So you have an idea, and it’s a great one. You’re going to change the world. Or maybe you’re revolutionizing an industry, or removing one of the many obstacles we face each day. 310 more words