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Bagception: Breaking Hearts and Killing Mice Since 2012

What do Guild Wars 2 players get more than two blues and a green? Bags. Loot bags, moldy bags, thorned bags, champion bags, supply bags, treat bags, and another pile of alternately named ones. 1,638 more words


Smart Business Management Strategies

As the knowledge economy sets new rules of business, change is becoming more paradoxical. The companies offer their product for free, cost and delivery time of an electronic product are almost nil, the best products each year are cheaper and faster growing companies are those with intangible assets. 184 more words

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Updating the selling price of your items

Question: Is it possible to do a price increase on all our products in one step? Instead of having to go into each individual product in raise the price we’d like to do a 4% increase across the board.

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From Receipt to Invoice: The Importance of Inventory Management Software

The way in which a wholesale/distribution business manages its inventory has a direct and critical impact on its overall success and long term viability. Although this may seem rather obvious, the number of businesses who remain tied to outdated means for inventory management suggest that it’s a more foreign notion than one would imagine. 713 more words

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Moving Away From the WhiteBoard: When Drugs Are in Short Supply

Drug shortages are happening at an alarming rate.   According to a 2013 study by the Abramson Cancer Center and the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, 83 percent of cancer doctors reported that they have faced shortages in important oncology drugs. 510 more words


3 Ordering Techniques for Inventory

After classifying the inventory in to ABC categories, the ordering pattern has to be decided for the different categories of items. The A category items which has regular consumption throughout the season can be ordered using Scheduled shipments/ Standard order quantity. 317 more words

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Supply Chain Drivers

In today’s dynamic business world, forward-thinking companies emphasize the applicability of supply chain management as a crucial element of overall business strategy. However, companies that desire an effective supply chain management must first have a crystal clear understanding of each driver and how it operates. 643 more words