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How Orderhive’s order management app can decrease delivery time?

With the evolution of smartphones, today, they are not only used to make calls or text messages, but also, allows you process complex business operations in the most simplest ways. 547 more words

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Save Time, Make Money

Time is money! It’s a common and probably overused phrase, but there is a lot of truth in it. Every minute can influence your revenue. Spend more time to improve the client experience, and take less time for managing the business. 347 more words

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Inventory Management Techniques: Cycle Counting

Cycle counting often comes up in discussions surrounding proper inventory management, but what does it mean and how do you incorporate it into your business processes? 574 more words

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Inventory Management: Predicting the Relationship Between Demand Planning, On-hand Inventory and Quality Issues

Numerical Regression or just Regression is a measure of the relation between the  value of one variable (e.g., On Hand Inv) and corresponding values of other variables (Qty of Goods Damaged , Qty on-Hold, cost etc.). 708 more words

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Hobby Business Puts Inventory Management on Remote Control

It doesn’t seem right, but having too much business can actually be a dangerous thing for a growing company. That’s a lesson learned by Bradley and Richard Arkell, founders of… 437 more words


Blaugust Day 13: Packrat Problems (GW2)

I always had the impression that I was a hopeless pack rat when it came to all things MMO – or really, anything that has an inventory and allows you to collect stuff (including Diablo-style ARPGs and real life.) 749 more words

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Inventory Data: Stock outs and Logistic Regression

Logistic regression is an exciting part of regression analysis. I think this can be one of the most revealing parts of statistics, where you are able to bring together data (unrelated) from different areas to the original event and how these might be connected. 838 more words

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