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There is a very definite relationship of fill rates to the amount of inventory being stocked. Generally, as more and more inventory is added, the fill rates of customer orders will increase, but at an ever decreasing rate (e.g., as you get closer to the theoretically impossible 100%, fill rate improvement is harder and harder to come by for the same increment of added inventory). 892 more words


Add Products to Fortune3 Without Massive Spreadsheets

Before there was Venzee, spreadsheets roamed and menaced the eCommerce world and left everyone with downcast faces, Fortune3 merchants included. Some cowered in fear and for others the mere thought of spreadsheets brought them to tears. 361 more words

Inventory Management

Six sigma applicability within Unison Industries

David Kiger is crazy for everything that has to do with logistics, six sigma and just in time production. We have seen many cases of either approach and we have seen cases where the strategy has gone wrong and others where the strategy works as expected. 784 more words

David Kiger

Neto Merchants: Update Your Store With Fewer Spreadsheets!

Managing giant spreadsheets to update your Neto store… Ugh! What comes to mind when you think of them?

Frustrating? Maddening?… How about exasperating?

I bet they all describe your experience with spreadsheets. 448 more words

Inventory Management

Want an Easier Way To Upload Products to Jumpseller?

Do you want an easier way to create and update products for your Jumpseller store?  Maybe one that doesn’t involve quite so many spreadsheets?

That was a rhetorical question.  433 more words

Inventory Management

Airsquare Vendors: Work Quicker With Fewer Spreadsheets!

Let’s talk about spreadsheets. You use them to create and update products for your Airsquare store because spreadsheets are how your supply chain shares products with you. 420 more words

Inventory Management

Hardest Thing Ever

Work, work, and work. We have been pulling off 7-day workweeks ever since we opened Lily’s Creperie to the public on July 5th. It has been a great, yet tiring experience. 469 more words

Richard Chan