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JavaFX: Instantiate Application within Spring Context

JavaFX application is typically instantiated via calling static method launch(…) on object inherited from Application:

import javafx.application.Application;

public class TestApp extends Application {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
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.NET Dependency Injection Frameworks

As Martin Fowler mentions it in his article, the basic idea of the Dependency Injection (DI) is to have a separate object, that populates a field in another… 530 more words

Coding Is Fun

How to use built-in dependency inversion in MVC6 and ASP.NET Core

I’ve previously posted about the new logging features in ASP.NET Core RC1 and MVC6. This time I’m going to write about how Microsoft now has dependency inversion baked into the new Core framework. 687 more words


How to use NLog or Serilog with C# in ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET core is still pretty new – at the time of writing, it’s still only at Release Candidate 1. I downloaded it for the first time a few days ago to play with the sample projects, and was surprised (in a good way) by how much has changed in the default project for MVC6. 765 more words


Library vs Framework

It is quite a common question in all of the software developers mind, what is the difference between a Library and a Framework? The two concepts are important but sometimes confusing. 209 more words


Software Engineering and Spring

What is Spring ?

Spring is a JavaEE framework which encompasses almost completely the J2EE specification.Spring comprises of 5 main functions.They are,


Spring Bean Instantiation and Dependency Injection

What is Spring IOC/DI?

Spring IOC (Inversion of Control) or dependency Injection is a concept where objects define their dependencies (for example A define that it needs B to be injected), however actual injection of these properties is left to the container when it creates instances of those dependencies (for example, when instance of B is created it is injected into A). 399 more words

Arbitrary Method Replacement