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Why Autofac is Awesome.

And I mean “awesome” with an “awe”.

Autofac allows you to create true façades.

Consider this trivial interface, for printing things,

namespace IoCExample
    public interface IPrinter
        void Print (string text);
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Unity - Mixing Configuration and Convention

So, it looks like we may be reversing our previous decision to use simple factories instead of an IoC container and introducing Unity back in to our project.   291 more words


Dependency Injection without an IoC Container

Over the last couple of days we’ve been implementing repository and domain objects for a specific piece of business functionality and, so that everything is nicely decoupled and testable, we’ve been applying the dependency injection pattern but consciously deferred the decision of how we were going to do the wire up. 959 more words

Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection

from: http://blog.co-mit.com/post/13/Dependency+Injection+

Có thể hiểu Dependency Injection là 1 pattern theo đó các thành phần phụ thuộc được đưa vào các đối tượng thông qua các function. 983 more words


Simple Injector

Having spent a lot of time refactoring my IoC repo here: https://github.com/Foxpips/SIoCContainer

I finally pretty much polished off a nice class called SInjector or Simple Injector. 360 more words


Dependency Injection in ASP.NET vNext


Microsoft changed the way how dependency injection (DI) is done in ASP.NET vNext. In previous versions of ASP.NET there were different entry points for user defined classes like the… 3,300 more words


Inversion of Control Container

Hey all,
Today I just want to share my basic implementation of an IoC Container.

Thanks to the extremely informative course provided by John Sonmez… 132 more words