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When you have a class that uses methods or access properties of other objects it is easy to instantiate an object you need in the class and access those methods or properties but it is making the code coupled and hard to read, test and maintain. 467 more words


Asp.net Core 1.1 Dependency Injection VS 2017

Dependency Injection is an important pattern, one of the five SOLID principles of software engineering.

Traditionally procedural programming takes control from the start of the execution and use a lot of conditional statements to execute the exact configurations that the system is tuned for. 943 more words

Asp.net Mvc

Implementation of Dependency Injection Pattern in C#

Dependency Injection (DI) is a software design pattern that allow us to develop loosely coupled code. DI is a great way to reduce tight coupling between software components. 566 more words


Spring Core Basics

Episode 58

This week I was planning to publish introduction to Amazon Web Services, but since I’m working on preparing Spring-based web applications development course… 1,121 more words


Dependency Injection, Services and Containers (DIC) – part 3

Aaaand we are on part 3, and you still don’t know what the hell am I talking about. OK. Lets explain a little more, and we’ll continue on the types of injection and Service Locators and DI Containers. 1,408 more words

Back-End Programming

Dependency Injection, Services and Containers (DIC)

So, a little while ago, when I’ve dug in deep into the sea of OOP, a popular new technique surfaced and its called Dependency Injection. Take note here, that I’m not rediscovering the wheel here. 1,436 more words

Back-End Programming

Dependency Injection through LightInject

While working on Light Inject last year, I found a dearth of information on the ‘How’ of Light Inject. Don’t get me wrong, I could find plenty of ‘What’. 326 more words