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Microservice API on Elastic Beanstalk with Jetty, Jersey, Guice, and Mongodb

This blog aims to outline how one can very easily ship microservice APIs on Elastic Beanstalk with Jetty, Jersey, Guice and Mongodb. This piece of work written in Java was an inspiration over a weekend, where I finally found a coherent red thread based on some of the work I did in the past. 961 more words


Sitecore Entity Service SSC - IoC Configuration

Further into my series on Sitecore Entity Service within Sitecore.Services.Client, in this post I’ll be look into setting up an IoC container (Structure Map in this post) for Entity Service.  239 more words


Disposable Instances Series

In the past few weeks I have published a set of four posts that deal with disposable instances. These posts describe in detail a working implementation that automatically disposes all the instances that are no longer needed, in a deterministic way. 301 more words


Context driven dependency injection

Further to the previous post, object creation based on the current context is a cross cutting concern, so it should be dragged outside the core business logic. 701 more words

Inversion of Control C#

Това е начин за писане на код, който е по-лесен за тестване.
По-подробна информация можете да намерите ТУК и ТУК.

Използването на интерфейси спомага за по-голямата необвързаност на обектите с даден клас и се приема за по-добра практика.Например: 54 more words

High Quality Code

Why Autofac is Awesome.

And I mean “awesome” with an “awe”.

Autofac allows you to create true façades.

Consider this trivial interface, for printing things,

namespace IoCExample
    public interface IPrinter
        void Print (string text);
… 392 more words