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Antipasto anyone?

In today’s world of fast food and drive-in take-aways it is easy to forget that for some creatures foraging for food is a hard slog. Take ants for example. 271 more words


Leaf Litter Invertebrates of the Morgan Arboretum

Invertebrates, while small, play an integral role in our ecosystem in the St. Lawrence Lowlands. In leaf litter, they aid greatly in the decomposition of organic matter, as cited by Vasconcelos and Laurance in their article on soil fauna (2005). 1,028 more words


11-25-15 Purple Sea Urchin from Ron’s Temperate Marine Series

Phylum: Echinodermata
Class: Echinoidea
Order: Echinoida
Family: Strongylocentrotidae

Genus/species: Strongylocentrotus purpuratus

GENERAL CHARACTERISTIC: Round body with radially symmetrical test, (shell), covered with large spines 0.5 cm (2 in) in diameter, rarely to 10 cm (4 in). 474 more words


Bug sucks crane fly dry, video

This video is about a bug sucking a crane fly dry.

André van Calsbeek from Friesland in the Netherlands made this video.

This video is the sequel. 69 more words


Rare beetle discovered in Dutch Veluwe region

Today, natuurbericht.nl in the Netherlands reports that last June, entomologists found a beetle at Harskamp military shooting range in the Veluwe region.

Now, that beetle turns out to be… 77 more words


IC365 Week 47 -#DF2015 and the carrot fly forecast

Nov 16 – 22

What started a sombre week (with my mind still with the poor folk who died in the Bataclan theatre watching and listening to a band they loved), gradually turned back to daily life, also daily invertebrate life, and eventually climaxed in a reinforcement of why I love what I love; the culture, the music, and the people. 1,770 more words

Great spotted woodpecker attacks insect hotel

In this video, a great spotted woodpecker attacks an insect hotel to catch food.

The video is from the garden of klomplw4 in the Netherlands. 46 more words