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A Little Salt in the Thorn Scrub

(A Continuation of “From La Sal Vieja to La Sal Del Rey”)

We drove from La Sal Vieja westward to La Sal Del Rey (“The King’s Salt”), which is another part of the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge. 713 more words

In The Field

A hundred million crabs migrating

This video says about itself:

One Hundred Million Crabs – The Trials of Life – BBC Earth

16 October 2017

On Christmas Island, red crabs…

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Familiar Bluet

Enallagma civile, the last damselfly of the year? This picture was taken on 9/24.This one on 10/6: tandem flight and egg-laying in Green-Wood’s Sylvan Water. 6 more words



Harmonia axyridis, the Multi-colored Asian Lady Beetle, is known in the UK as the Harlequin Lady Beetle. “Harlequin” is a better common name than MALB, which is a mouthful and has a whiff of racial baggage to it, particularly when added to invasive. 108 more words


Bombus Away

After a lingering slog of humidity, things have gotten cooler and drier here in the Borough of Kings. Today’s high is forecast to be 69, not the most optimal for insects. 102 more words


Dragonfly eats scale insect, video

This September 2017 video shows a male brown hawker dragonfly eating a scale insect.

Hennie Tholen made this video in a backyard in the Netherlands. 74 more words


Dung beetle rolls dung ball

This 12 October 2017 video shows a dung beetle rolling a dung ball to its nest. There, the female will lay an egg in the ball. 33 more words