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World's strongest spider web

This video says about itself:

Spider Shoots 25 Metre Web – The Hunt – BBC Earth

25 June 2017

Which marvel of nature can build a 2 metre…

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Banded demoiselle video

This 28 June 2017 video shows banded demoiselles near Hardenberg town in Overijssel province in the Netherlands.

Jan Kuipers made this video.

I saw these beautiful damselflies in France and Italy.


Starry Sky Beetle

Nadia’s kindergarten students have been catching these Asian long-horned beetles (Anoplophora glabripennis) on our school’s playground recently. We have a terrarium in the school and since beetles are popular pets in Japan, it is easy to find beetle food (left of the beetle in the photo) Nadia is keeping three of them. 105 more words



Eyes are a gift. They are tools to interpret the world we live in.

Eyes are wondrously complex.  A house fly has compound eyes. They are seriously compound. 519 more words

Creation And Nature

Plathemis lydia

Male Common Whitetail.Female.

The male above is actually a young one. He won’t get his chalky white “tail,” or abdomen, until he gets a little older. 74 more words


All the leaves are brown…

And the sky is grey – are the starting lyrics of the Mamas and the Papas hit, California Dreamin and are certainly apt descriptors of conditions so far this winter in the King Parrot Creek valley. 283 more words