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Neonicotinoids threaten animals

From Greenpeace:

Neonicotinoids: A serious threat for flower-hopping life-bringers and many more animals

Blogpost by Anne Valette – 12 January, 2017 at 9:00…

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My highlights of 2016 - Part 2

We resume the rundown here, and even cheat just a little bit… 270 more words


Fossil invertebrates, new study

This vido says about itself:

12 January 2017

For 175 years, a cone-shaped, shelled prehistoric creature called a hyolith has been waiting to be assigned a proper place on the…

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Sea spider anatomy, new research

This video says about itself:

6 July 2015

Quick facts about these thin-legged arthropods! The Sea Spider (Pycnogonida/Pantopoda)! Sea Spider facts!

From Science News:

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The Dilemma of Political Correctness

We have recently become dog owners for the first time. The said canine is very grey around the muzzle, half deaf and half blind (some would say just like me). 282 more words


New Samoan beetle species discovered, already extinct

From Sci News:

Bryanites graeffii: New Beetle Species Described from 150-Year-Old Museum Specimen

Jan 11, 2017 by News Staff

A new species of ground beetle has been identified by Cornell University Professor…

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The Open Ocean, by Francesco Pittau and Bernadette Gervais

Topics – ocean, invertebrates, adaptations

My daughter came across this oversized picture book at the library. Expecting a fact-packed, detail-filled book, I was pleasantly surprised to see how playfully it was put together and how beautifully too. 180 more words