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( long trade in progress) EURCAD D1 bullish engulfing on completion of inverted head and shoulders


Price ready to resume uptrend with the completion of an inverted head and shoulders. The right shoulder is formed via the clue left behind from a trapepd traders signal.

week24 EURSGD D1 inverted head and shoulders , awaiting for LTF setup.


Currently I only have a HTF chart to believe that price is heading for a reversal.
In order to join in this long, I am currently waiting for a LTF setup that will test 1.5000 as well.

Reference Chart - X

Bullish case is inverted head and shoulder with target at high 12s to 13+. Need to break rsi wall to avoid untog.

Phisix's Closet (PSEi)

week21 ( runaway winner, +500) week20 Nikkei w1 clear uptrend , h4 shows inverted head and shoulders


clear cut uptrend on the week chart. Last week price closed as a hammer, indicating of strong support despite reaching

a big level of 20,000. 89 more words

week5 DAX30 A trade (+400) bull flag with big pattern still holding


This was a very good big picture.


When h1 1234 bull flag appeared it became an A trade setup, aligning both big picture and h1 moveability. 44 more words

(-40) GBPCAD h1 trading the counter-momentum will be tough


Counter momnentum bias for GBPCAD. This is the type in which I can see the retracement leg being setup and I should by right not trade it. 87 more words

week40 GBPNZD H4T big inverted hns completed


Very clear uptrend

Bias is definitely to long but it will be hard to find the support to get long. Waiting for a channel macd setup and some support confluence will be great.