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Beating the Amortization Schedule

Buying a house is exciting. Most people get mortgage to purchase a house. For most people buying a house is the most expensive purchase in their lives. 867 more words

Added Value

The Right Mindset = Success

Have you ever tried something and failed? We all have. Just remember this, YOU will WIN if you choose to LEARN from your success and your failures.

Motivational Movies

Why Invest in yourself?

We live in a funny old world. We’ll think nothing of spending a few hours a week watching a boxset on Netflix or of spending £8 on avo on toast a couple of times a week. 442 more words

Life Coach

Life Isn't a Waiting Game

A few weeks back one of my friends tweeted about how everything in life is a waiting game. She said how everything goof in life only comes in time and you just have to wait for it to happen and it really got me thinking. 219 more words

To You List

Waste: to use carelessly with no purpose.

Spend: to use up or exhaust.

Invest: to devote one’s time, effort, or energy to something with the expectation of a worthwhile return… 579 more words

Get Real Be Healed

Invest in the New

While it’s important to invest in the old, it is just as important to invest in the new. New hobbies are things that you always say you’re going to try that you never make the time for. 211 more words

To You List

Invest in Yourself 

When Katie arrived back after Christmas she told me she had only one New Year’s resolution: to invest in herself. For her this meant taking more time out for cooking, travel more and refocus a little with her Spanish learning. 457 more words