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Invest in yourself

Why are we everything to others and little to ourselves? By Nicola Haw

“Ever loved someone so much you would do anything for them? Well make that someone yourself” – Harvey Specter  

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Change Your Mindset

In all honesty we live in a debt-driven society in which credit cards and loans (student, auto, mortgages, etc) have surpassed the old method of paid-in-full cash payments. 572 more words

Air Conditioning - What does it Cost?

Recently I was thinking where can I get the most bang for my buck in saving money in the operation of my house. The best way to figure this out is to look at resources and see what needs are filled. 557 more words

Added Value

Invest in yourself fist!

In life we sometimes think that acquiring “stuff” is the way to feel better about ourselves and impress our friends. I believe that the best purchase or investment you can make is in you. 162 more words

Join Me On The Adventure!

Take some of your tax return and invest in your future by owning your own South Hill Designs business. A fun and exciting way to earn extra income without a pushy company always telling you to push their product. 50 more words


Invest in yourself

Most of us spend so much time surrounding ourselves with other people, spending most of that time trying to make people like us. You know other people more than you know yourself? 133 more words


The Best Things To Invest In

The Best Things To Invest In

Maybe you thought when you clicked the link, “this dude is just gonna say invest in what he has to offer blah blah blah* i kinda had the feeling that it may come across that way but i assure you this is not my intention, i don’t want to chase anyone for anything, i have tools here to help artists out, but if you want them, hit me up, i value what i offer too much to chase people up, but before this goes off course, lets get to it. 543 more words