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Would you risk it all to be happy?

Recently I have been debating whether or not I want to continue on this path i’m on, or risk it all to be happy. The path i’m on currently is holding me hostage. 336 more words

#Wisdom from bossladiesmindset

invest in yourself, take care of yourself, spoil yourself once in a while and treat yourself good.

by bossladiesmindset


You're Investing, Not Just Spending

It’s amazing what new clothes can do for you. I finally used a gift card my aunt got for me a while back and got myself some new sneakers. 199 more words


Small Baby Steps Lead to Success. YES, I Can Change!

Whether you believe you CAN, or you believe you CAN’T, you’re right!

Many people can feel defeated and unsure they will be able to make lasting changes in their lifestyle because they haven’t been successful in the past. 1,069 more words

Know Yourself

Red X Drive to Freedom

The WAVE-B Free Ride Project hit a major milestone. The Almost Sports Car‘s service to my family has ended. It has 194000 miles on it and it has served it’s purpose. 1,318 more words

Added Value

How to deal with envy…

By Maria Alejandra Díaz

Since I began to work, my finances have improved significantly compared to my university days, so I decided to invest in myself (probably the best investment everyone should make) buying some new clothes, new makeup, different haircut, etc. 316 more words


Invest in yourself

Why are we everything to others and little to ourselves? By Nicola Haw

“Ever loved someone so much you would do anything for them? Well make that someone yourself” – Harvey Specter  

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