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The Summer is beneficial for more than its weather and your vacation time.

During the summer months a great way to invest in your career is to join a professional organization. You have a group of like minded individuals who are passionate about their career just as you are. 74 more words

Keedie's Corner

Day 99: Make some quality time

Hey there butterflies,

As I come closer and closer to ending this writing challenge I come to realize that it has become a habit not only to look for the happy moments throughout the day, but to make more happy moments. 260 more words


4 Steps to Finding Your Dream Team

Last Tuesday I got a surprise text from my MA Alma Mater NYU. They had a group of high school students eager to learn about careers in dance and asked me if I anytime to come chat with them about life and careers. 531 more words

Bob-isms: Bob's Sayings

May Your Life Blossom Into Friskiness!

  1. Accept yourself as you are and as you are NOT. Celebrate your precious life!
  2. Quit “shoulding” on yourself; become a benevolent, kind, and wise observer.
  3. 658 more words
Know Yourself

Open For Business

Just five short days ago I said YES to being business partners with the two doctors who created Proativ, and bring their latest skin care line to you! 292 more words

How Have You Educated Yourself Today?

Are you continually trying to improve and learn more about the industry you are currently working in?  If so, you just may find yourself in the “super employee” category. 303 more words


Hi everyone!

In this section, I will share with you some tips, articles, videos that I came across, some interesting events I lived myself or been told about personal development in everyday life or work life. 63 more words

Invest In Yourself