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Managing Life by what You Value

Are you super busy?  Does your day not feel normal if you aren’t working, or if you aren’t on the go?

Do you often feel something is missing in your life? 544 more words

Invest In Yourself

Money Obsession

The longing for money, the illusion that it can provide anything, and all the emotional freight it carries for us provide enough power and urgency to fuel our lust for it (p. 881 more words

Plan your time

O zi are 24 de ore. Si la fel cum tu ai cele 24 de ore pentru a face tot ceea ce iti propui, avem cu totii… 496 more words

Sparkle And Love

Workaholism-Societies Favorite Money Disorder.

The first money disorder we examined was relatively easy to detect. Workaholism on-the-other-hand is pretty difficult to convince people of being a disorder because it is so socially accepted. 700 more words

Invest In Yourself


In the beginning of our series we presented the illustration that money disorders were addictive cycles that require deeper solutions than just gaining (or losing) more money. 902 more words

3 Reasons Artists Need to Invest in Themselves First

As an artist you’ve likely felt at some point you weren’t being acknowledged for your efforts, leaving you feeling under valued in your niche. This may have happened over time and now you do not understand why or… 537 more words


Currency of Time Shifting

Right timing is sometimes just as important as the task at hand. Time shifting is the idea of moving needed tasks to a more advantageous time and to leverage resources better. 752 more words

Invest In Yourself