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Invest in Yourself

As a military spouse or accompanying partner it can be difficult to set career goals when you are constantly relocating and changing jobs. In a journal article I read recently (A Paradigm Shift: strategies for assisting military spouses in obtaining a successful career path), career experts Pamela McBride and Lori Cleymans made the point that your goal should be to be more marketable when you leave a position than when you arrive. 407 more words


We all have dreams and goals. For us to achieve them we need to grow, our thoughts and then, actions have to change.

A great question to ask in pursuit of any goal is;

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Echoes From The Past

Why History is important? Does it matter what happened previously? Can something thousands of years ago be relevant and useful in today’s world? Does the ideas on finances used thousands of years ago apply in the present time or in the future. 1,370 more words

Invest In Yourself

Take the Jump

This past weekend I was at a two day seminar were we fully engaged in learning, growing and expanding our minds. It was amazing!!! There is always more to know if you jump in the game of life and give it your all. 257 more words

Mental Health Awareness Week 2016

Mental Health Awareness Week begins on May 16th until May 22nd and this year the focus is on relationships. Our mental health and mental wellbeing are integral to leading a healthy and balanced life but are often neglected as we rush around. 1,274 more words

I try my best to do this everyday (Happiness, Success, and Love)

I try my best to be positive on a consistent basis. The reason I do this is because that is the energy that I want to surround myself with. 1,051 more words

Make Life Your Beach