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Turn water into Wine 

Hey there. I know extra income, isn’t really something you’re looking for, especially at this time of year… I realize you’re busy, you have kids, your house is a wreck, you hate sales, money is tight, You just want to make money… 271 more words


Low Hanging Fruit - Credit Cards

In my previous article I went over some low hanging fruit items including ask for a lower credit card rate on your current card. That is an OK kind of tip but, it was thin. 1,223 more words

Added Value

Invest In You

It’s wonderful to have a giving, caring, and humbling spirit. We truly need more people in the world that possess those qualities. It’s wonderful to invest your time as a volunteer in your community, church auxiliaries, and in various areas to help build humanity. 313 more words

Mom Motivation & Empowerment

Join the Journey

Invest in yourself this year. Make it the year those dreams start coming true, the old is done and gone and it’s time for your Heroic Journey to start this Fall. 142 more words

Vandana Atara Aura

find time, make time, invest time

Time … the whipping boy and perennial excuse for not being able to workout. This week, I stopped using it as an excuse and owned up that I am largely at fault. 904 more words


Thinking About Buying A Web-based Business? (An Empire Flippers Infographic)

I left my cubicle in 2008 and did odd, one-off jobs for three years until I transitioned into web-based freelancing as a full time transcriber and financial transcript editor. 142 more words


Give Yourself A Raise

Would you say yes to a raise if your boss offered you a raise?  Everyone I’ve spoken with throughout my life would say yes if they were asked. 977 more words

Added Value