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So you want to invest in Macedonia? You will probably need electricity

If you’re working in the 21 cenury, then your new business will probably need power to run your machines, power the lights, charge your cell phones, power your computers and servers. 411 more words

Arrowed: CW Looks to expand the DC Tv-Show on-going series: PART 2

The characters so far set to appear in the new CW show are, an older Firestorm, Captain Cold, The Atom and Black Canary. Speculation wise there arn’t a lot of books that havn’t been spoken for, however, here are a few that might have slipped through the cracks. 251 more words

Learning to invest like a pro

Warren buffett is the best when it comes to investments and there is no other way to find out more than to learn from the oracle himself. 26 more words

Bite the bullet...win!

There tends to be a lot of gray areas when considering what is deemed ‘excellent’. The fact is that there are just some things that you may not be the best at. 155 more words


3/3/15 Freeplay #sportsbetting #nba #ncaa

Good Morning to all on this sunny Tuesday, we missed on our freeplay last night GS, just wasn’t all the way there on the last game of their road trip. 285 more words


Jay Taylor: Austrian Economics and the Next (Bigger) Crash

Mises Media, Feb 27, 2015

Jeff Deist and Jay Taylor, host of Taylor’s Hard Money Advisers, discuss the role of Austrian economics in understanding the market crash of 2008; and how some institutional investors used…

Time: 18:23


Tanah 230m2 lebar 15m di wirosaban kodya

Dijual tanah pekarangan di belakang RSUD Wirosaban. Cocok untuk di buat rumah hunian. Lingkungan perumahan dan pemukiman.po

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