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Youth talking about refugees

About a week ago I started a a research concerning problem of humanitarian aid for displaced people mostly among students and representatives of 18-25 age category to distingush the variety of social opinions. 947 more words

For those who need: Iraqi refugee crisis takes its toll

To hold operations that will clear away the Islamic state from Mosul the suport groups require to be funded

Due to the US and Baghdad planning to start an onrush on cities controlled by the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), various humanitarian organizations are warned of the oncoming of  difficult period when a huge amount of Iraqis will be urged to leave their hometowns and flee. 377 more words

Credit Score : How to keep it an A score

Want to know how you’re credit score is judged? With a FICO based score, the higher the number, the better your score. Scores above 720 are usually considered excellent (850 is usually tops), those in the 680-720 range are still quite good, while those in the 650-680 aren’t terrible, they will still carry higher rates. 507 more words