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Even big names Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson couldn’t save this anti-climactic steaming pile of crap. The premise seems like a good recipe for potential terror: An estranged couple finds themselves entrapped in a diabolical scheme to produce actual snuff films from unaware and hapless hotel patrons. 678 more words

THC Found In Oklahoma Man Who Committed Suicide

KEYSTONE, Colo. (CBS4)Luke Goodman, the Oklahoma man who killed himself last month after ingesting marijuana edibles, had a “moderate” amount of the active ingredient in marijuana in his system according to the Summit County Coroner. 149 more words


Fast & Furious: Street Racers Targeted By Law Enforcement

LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4)– A police crackdown is underway on illegal street racing in Colorado. A CBS4 Investigation has found street racing is no longer relegated to empty roads in the middle of nowhere; the cars are now speeding down Denver interstates on a weekly basis. 430 more words


One-Time Evergreen Man Who Shot President Reveals Thoughts In Letters

DENVER (CBS4)– Testimony continues as a court will decide on future freedoms for the man from Evergreen who shot President Ronald Reagan. CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger shares the letters he received from John Hinckley, Jr. 394 more words


College America Recruiting Under Fire, Heads To Court

DENVER (CBS4)– A court hearing is underway in which the Colorado Attorney General is asking a judge to stop certain recruiting practices of College America because of claims it’s misleading students. 280 more words


TSA Screeners Fired In Groping Scandal Both In 20s, No Criminal Records

DENVER (CBS4) – The two Transportation Security Administration screeners at Denver International Airport fired for engaging in what one confessed was a groping conspiracy are both in their 20s, both with clean criminal records, and both are refusing to discuss the bizarre conspiracy that got them fired. 645 more words


Former TSA Screener: Groping Plot Was ‘Just A Game’

DENVER (CBS4)– A former TSA screener at Denver International Airport says colleagues who conspired to grope male passengers viewed what they were doing as “just a game.” 525 more words