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Panama Papers: Marginalizing the Real Victims

Part 1: Background

Last month, the now infamous story of the Panama Papers unfolded globally. Thousands of sources — from notable newspapers to grassroots blogs — have been denouncing politicians, businessmen, and financial institutions on their front pages, accusing them of having direct or indirect connections to offshore bank accounts that hold millions of dollars, pounds, euros and yen. 670 more words

The Westland human waste hits the fan!

India that is Bharat has lost Rs.1000 crores already in the shameful Agusta Westland deal.

This icludes bribes amounting to € 24.3 million , that allegedly changed hands – and such included those of the scribe-tribe too. 1,557 more words


Death of the Muckrakers

“The meat would be shoveled into carts, and the man who did the shoveling would not trouble to lift out a rat even when he saw one—there were things that went into the sausage in comparison with which a poisoned rat was a tidbit. 860 more words


Is the Government's Anti-Terror Strategy Damaging British School Kids?

This originally appeared in VICE UK

In the summer of 2015, then 16-year old Rahmaan Mohammadi, a student at the Challney High School for Boys near Luton, found himself… 1,719 more words

Investigative Journalism

Are Journalists Telling the Truth?

For the last few decades, the practice of reporting “just the facts” has become a distinguished moral ideal of mainstream journalism, which is warmly embraced by large media outlets, sometimes to the extent of representing news… 490 more words


Glossybox Review: April 2016

By Robyn Western

Amid the doom and gloom of April Showers and a month of deadlines for many of us students, Glossybox was the most perfect distraction. 1,145 more words