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Daphne Caruana Galizia: We knew establishment was out to get her family

Murdered investigative journalists sons tell of attempts on their moms life, and why they blame a takedown of the rule of law in Malta for her death… 1,360 more words


Biting Commentary On What's Not Normal, and What's Possible

Book review: Trump is F*cking Crazy, by Keith Olbermann

(It’s another week of political releases, so apologies for the back-to-back similarly-themed content, but you know it’s important!) 1,170 more words

Book Review

Reading List: Impact of Open Company Data

This is the second in an occasional series of resources for background reading on corporate transparency space (see also beneficial ownership reading list), to help new OpenCorporates staff and the wider open data community get up to speed. 528 more words


Welcome to the Aiken Observer

By Michael Smith

Let me begin by thanking everyone for taking time to read the Aiken Observer. We are a newly created online news source for Aiken County readers, as well as for folks living throughout the CSRA. 754 more words


Dark Roots and the Myth or Reality of a European Family History

Book review: A Crime in the Family, by Sacha Batthyany

Swiss journalist Sacha Batthyany heard a disturbing rumor: near the end of the Second World War, his Aunt Margit was alleged to have participated in the massacre of hundreds of Jewish prisoners in the small Austrian town of Rechnitz. 1,422 more words

Book Review

A Sampler From the Best American Series 2017

Book review: The Best American Series 2017

The Best American Series is an excellent anthology collection, if it’s not already on your radar. An editor chosen for their own standout contributions to each genre curates selections from the year’s best previously published works across websites, journals, and magazines. 1,087 more words

Book Review

A Reporter, A Newspaper, And A Rural Cold Case

Book review: Mary Jane’s Ghost, by Ted Gregory

Histories – call them stories if you like – never really end. It’s more like they continue to unfold, but we’ve left them; they’ve ceased to resonate.

1,163 more words
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