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Dynamic Duo

Citizen investigative journalists Sandy Robson and Dena Jensen receive 2017 Environmental Heroes award from RE Sources.


As an associate scholar of the Center for World Indigenous Studies in Olympia, I find Robson and Jensen both thoughtful and thorough.  32 more words

Blog 1: Investigating or Advocating?


When it comes to investigative journalism, advocacy is seen as a by-product, not a given but in many cases, the line between them is easily crossed. 453 more words

Investigate This. We Depend On It

Thomas Birch investigates why investigative journalism is so important.

“All activists are not journalists, but all real journalists are activists. Journalism has a value, a purpose — to serve as a check on power.” – Glenn Greenwald, journalist…

555 more words

International Student Nowelly Phelps Linked to Japanese Mafia

Recent intelligence has indicated that international travelling student Nowelly Phelps has been engaged in salacious and underhand activity. It has been revealed to The Rustler that Herr Phelps was recently travelling in Germany, from which he planned to travel post-haste to the land of the sunrise. 254 more words

Investigative Journalism

Interview: Brooklyn Designer David Yun On A Post-Post Truth World And Streetwear Brand

Misinformation campaigns by Russia toward western countries; journalists jailed in Turkey; the spread of hoax news in 2016; the Trump administration’s ongoing game to blame the press for Trump’s woes. 212 more words


Serial Podcast

Personally, I really liked this podcast because I find features that include mystery and crime very interesting. I enjoyed that it was based on a true story, it makes the story seem more compelling. 414 more words

A Memoir of Murder and the Male Gaze

Book review: The Hot One, by Carolyn Murnick

New York magazine editor Carolyn Murnick was childhood best friends with Ashley Ellerin, growing up in suburban New Jersey. 1,261 more words

Book Review