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An Interview Of James Boswell.

By Jerry Alatalo

r. James Boswell, editor at wall of controversy here on WordPress, has kindly agreed to accept an invitation to take part in our recently initiated interview series. 2,376 more words

Earth Matters

2017 Impact Report

An image of the Bureau newsroom

I’ve been a little silent recently, as I started a new post as Production Editor at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism in July last year and it has been busy. 92 more words

Corey Feldman tries to scam the world, but ends up making a bigger fool of himself than ever before.

For years, Corey Feldman has been speaking out about the very real problem of child abuse in Hollywood, referencing his own abuse. In late October 2017 he was arrested for drug possession, and suddenly decided to start begging for $10m under the flimsy premise that he would make a movie about his childhood and that in some ephemeral way, it would stop child molesters. 885 more words

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Upcoming New Nonfiction in 2018, Part 2

One post of anticipated reads for 2018 wasn’t enough to include them all, especially with so many exciting -sounding ones already on the release calendar. Here, a dozen more of the year’s upcoming reads I think are worth taking note of, mainly from the latter part of the year. 1,671 more words

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Anticipating in 2018 - 12 Nonfiction Titles to Look Forward To

2018 is already shaping up to be an excellent year for nonfiction releases. I put together a two-part list (more coming on Friday) looking ahead to some books that I’m anticipating, including a few good ones I’ve already read advances of, so consider it an early heads up to be on the lookout for them! 1,349 more words

Book Review

ITALY. 200 journalists are in danger in 2017. When will the violence stop?

By Greg Ivanov – journalist, member Reporters Without Borders

Protecting journalists. 11 journalists have been killed in Italy by criminal gangs or terrorists since 1960. Eight of these murders took place in Sicily.

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