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It's political season again, how do I maintain my sanity?

I try not to get political on my podcast. I made this decision partly because I was working at a newspaper when I started doing the podcast and so I felt it best to keep my political views away from my newspaper audience. 385 more words


Colombia: Raising their voice

In Colombia, gold mining companies find fertile grounds but difficult to overrule communities. But to what extent popular consultations are empowered?

The last time the country hit the international front pages was when Colombians were asked to vote over the peace agreement negotiated between President Santos and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) on October 2, 2016. 982 more words


How the private sector became a private business

“Landlords why bother.” This is how Ross Tulloch concludes his stormy discourse. He sounds hopeless while explaining why Licence Schemes are not working, tired of trying to make a point “everyone would agree with but the Government,” he says. 1,334 more words

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Unsolved Mysteries of the I-45

Book review: Deliver Us, by Kathryn Casey

It’s only natural to want to believe we are in control, that when we wake each morning, we decide what we do, that our lives don’t rest in the hands of others or, even worse, of that unseen yet eternal influence commonly referred to as destiny.

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A Journalist on Clinton's Campaigns and Her Own Role in Covering Them

Book review: Chasing Hillary, by Amy Chozick

I just wanted to tell good stories that helped explain the world to people.

Every time I… 1,434 more words

Book Review

A Cancer Con Exposes the Sick Side of "Wellness"

Book review: The Woman Who Fooled the World, by Beau Donelly and Nick Toscano

The front cover of the book whispered of a back-to-basics approach to wellness, lifestyle and nutrition.

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