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Harsh Treatment: a Chicago Tribune investigative project

We previewed the project on social media the day before it was published.

I worked with the investigative team, plus the graphics, photo and digital departments to help craft social posts for this large project. 341 more words


What is the Worth of Investigative Journalism?

BY Priti Patnaik , Source : thewire.in

The need for investigative reporting has seldom been more acute. Even as investigative journalism thrives by way of cross-border collaborative projects such Panama Papers, pessimism about the profession itself continues. 1,965 more words

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Why I find Freedom of Information requests fun - and you should too

Maths is something which still creeps in to my life despite leaving it behind at A-Level. The influence technology has and continues to have on journalism has bolstered digital journalism and the way in which writers process information. 230 more words


Interview: Paul Lashmar on UK: "They want to close down journalistic access to intelligence and security sources"


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Interview for The European Centre for Press and Media Freedom

by Jane Whyatt

In light of the UK Law Commission’s proposal for legislation that would treat whistleblowers as foreign spies and put convicted reporters in prison possibly for 14 years – among other rights violations – the ECPMF has interviewed University of Sussex’s Paul Lashmar at length. 124 more words

An Odd Pairing: All The President's Men and Watchmen

I watched Watchmen the day before yesterday and All The President’s Men the day before that.  The two interlocked in unexpected- even uncanny- ways. 799 more words

Things I'm Verbing: Why we need mammoths, delayed swanhood and dictator chic

I’m taking a social media detox at the moment, which feels great (yes, I’m going to do one of these). As I watch myself try to find the Twitter app on my phone, I definitely realize how often I reach for it as a numbing agent — and how outrage itself can be a numbing agent. 353 more words

Things I'm Verbing

Reminder: Espionage Act meetup this Tuesday (21 March)

If you follow us on Twitter (@OpenRightsBrum), you’ve probably picked up on the fact that we’re rather excited about our next meetup on Tuesday (21 March), where we’ll be looking at how the proposed Espionage Act threatens journalism and public interest whistleblowers. 314 more words