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What is it Good For? - Cultures

Sorry for the extended break there, real life was becoming a more pressing issue and things began to fall through the cracks. Regardless, ToL is back and with a new series that writers and learners might both enjoy. 698 more words

Writing Tips

Jordan Green is the senior editor of Triad City Beat, an alt-weekly in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina. As part of the editorial team at the paper, Green is responsible for news coverage in Winston-Salem and High Point, keeping up with the regional music scene and his weekly Citizen Green column. 673 more words

Jordan Green

Pulitzer winner pens foreword

Top editor Manny Garcia wrote the following for 7 Days to a Byline That Pays.

7 Days to a Byline That Pays is a terrific guide for aspiring journalists. 141 more words


Friends' Bookshelves

This is summer. A cold, rainy day spent holed up in the attic and working my through my friends’ bookshelf. Happenstance is how I choose to read rather than carefully curating what books fall into my hands and into my head. 941 more words

Pseudonyms, Sources, and Jon Krakauer's 'Missoula'

Only one of the rape victims in Krakauer’s book, “Cecilia Washburn,” is identified with a pseudonym. “And I didn’t interview her,” Krakauer said. (Krakauer says he discussed the possibility of an interview with Washburn’s attorney multiple times, but she replied each time that her client likely would not consent to an interview.) The rest of the victims identified in 

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Anti-Lynching Journalist, Ida B. Wells, Commemorated With Today's Google Doodle

Ida B. Wells is remembered today as a crusading journalist who spoke directly to issues of racial injustice in America. As an African-American woman, she had direct experience with confronting the indignities visited on her and her peers. 429 more words

Private Eye is my bae

Private Eye is a current-affairs magazine that is published fortnightly in the UK. It has very small type, is mostly black-and-white, and is well-known for being razor-sharp and arrow-straight. 273 more words

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