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The Outlook of a Successful Investor

Back in high school I was in the JROTC Ranger team.  The stated goals of the team were to teach leadership and team building, but I’m convinced that the main purpose was to allow masochists to see how much they could endure. 756 more words


Is Narcissism Affecting your Stock Trades?

In th last post we talked about how narcissism – an excessive love of one’s self – can cause one to buy things well beyond one’s means as a way to get praise from others.  417 more words


Is Narcissism Keeping You from Becoming Wealthy?

In their book, The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement, Doctors Twenge and Campbell argue that narcissism is becoming rampant in America, and that this is leading to a lot of the bad financial behaviors we are seeing today.  847 more words


How Stocks are Priced, Part 4 - Emotion Factors

This is a continuation of the series of posts on stock pricing.  Today we come to the somewhat irrational factors that go into stock pricing, which I call the Emotion… 498 more words

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A Good Mindset to Have When Investing

Perhaps the greatest obstacle we have when investing is our own mindset.  Our psychology acts against us, preventing us from doing the right things at the right time, and actually driving us to do exactly the wrong things.  706 more words