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Is it just as hard to UNDERperform the market as it is outperform it?

Newbie question: Given the efficient market hypothesis, wouldn't it be just as hard to deliberately UNDERperform the market as it is outperform it?

So as a casual investor, even if you TRIED to lose money by picking 'bad' stocks, or doing exactly what you're not supposed to do (buying high and selling during drops), wouldn't your performance still be similar to someone who was trying to beat the market, or just a randomly picked portfolio? 12 more words


How to pick stocks

What is an investment portfolio?

We can describe it as a grouping of financial instruments, engulfing one or several asset classes, which will seek an optimal balance through risk reduction and return maximization. 500 more words


ELI5: Why is SHLD up 15%?

I'm an investing noob, but this is something I don't understand that I'm sure has a very obvious explanation.

Why would a company like Sears, a company that just filed for chapter 11, be trading positively at all? 12 more words


BlackRock saw huge outflow before last weeks plunge


Basically the fear rising wages would squeeze company margins. Then my own take is what happens if/when tariffs related increases really hit? Especially if Chinese imports get hit with 25% (though China is devaluing somewhat to soften this IMHO). 28 more words


Sell! Sell! Sell!- A momentary panic

I was alarmed to see that the value of my investment had plummeted more than 3%. I was not ready for the feeling of distress and the immense temptation I had to sell my asset. 264 more words