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Citigroup and BAC TARP warrants

Citigroup class A warrants are up 600% in the past couple weeks with BAC class B warrants up 750% past couple weeks. Any way these can run further with an upcoming rate hike being likely? 47 more words


50/50 earnings plays

I've lost about 6 earnings plays in a row. Based on .57 it should be impossible for me to lose the next one. What earnings should i flip the coin on next… 12 more words


Can someone please teach me this?

He Guys….

I just want to learn how to tell if there are enough investors to buy your stock…..

example: you bought $1000000 worth of stock.. 43 more words


Thoughts on DUST, NUGT and JNUG?

Italians said no, gold prices will raise. What do people of reddit think?

Submitted December 04, 2016 at 08:04PM by meetballin25
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Help :!: Ticker KATE

I have a co-worker who bought 1000 shares of Kate and Spade at 20 per share.

She missed a dump at the $30-$39 margin and looked at her shares to find them below 15 dollars per share. 51 more words


Thoughts on NRG?

Been thinking of taking a position in NRG but was just looking for some other point of views before taking a position.

Submitted December 04, 2016 at 07:36PM by Dsmith2914… 7 more words