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Reddit Open Yale Course | Week 4 | Portfolio Diversification and Supporting Financial Institutions

Hi everyone!

This week we touch upon the cornerstones of modern financial theory. We will, inter alia, be learning about the Capital Asset Pricing Model, the equity premium, and the role of leverage. 214 more words


What is 8tracks? - The First Investor Webinar

Want to know more about how 8tracks works? Take a look at the slides and Q&As from the first investor webinar for our Series A equity crowdfunding round… 2,107 more words


Investors get set to keep an eye on the first U.S. presidential debate

The amount that Canadians talk about the U.S. election, you’d think we were voting in it. We seem to forget that choosing the next president of the United States is up to, well, the Americans. 831 more words


Had Bank of America paid their 17B$ fine ?

Articles from 2014 are like http://ift.tt/2cPTQhe

But did they pay their fine ?

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Market looks like its panicking.. fundamentals gave changed.. i wrong on gold.

Everything is red except oil and gold…

Edit: and now gold looks like its selling down.. that was one hell of a head fake. Interesting if everything goes red including gold… 11 more words