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Which is better: an ETF or a mutual fund?


While checking on internet i didn't find clear cut indication so I tough to take opinion of bigger community. Right now j have few investment in mutual funds and direct stocks. 23 more words


What do you guys think will happen to MACK on Tuesday?

The ex-dividend date for the $1.06/share special dividend is Tuesday. The stock will open significantly lower than Friday's close, in theory exactly $1.06 less per share. 24 more words


What are “Graham’s number” and “Graham's formula” for value investing? Are they still significant today in 2017?

Hi, I read about “Graham’s number” and “Graham's formula" in books as well as few stock analysis sites but wanted to know whether it can be used to pickup stocks in current time or not. 13 more words


I don't have 25k and i'm canadian, what stock platform can I use for trading?

My bank is horrible, 10$ per buy and 10$ per sell. need something cheaper as i don't have much capital

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What to do in the event of a financial crisis?

I may have missed it but I have never seen this talked about.

How does one go about protecting their wealth from catastrophic financial meltdowns like the Great Depression and the 2008 mortgage crisis? 16 more words