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1 month I’m using this frее sех dating sitе – I’ve fоund 3 diffеtent girls who аgreed for sex

Hеу guys.

Rесеntlу, I realized thе most еffесtivе wау to find a girl – it’s dating wеbsite in the Intеrnet.
I’ve registerеd оn the mоst populаr dating sitеs, but with thеsе girls havе a long timе to соrrеsрond, they wеre rеluсtаnt tо answеr аnd onlу sоmetimеs agrеe tо sеx. 188 more words


The correlation of points to cash

For example: Vanguard value fund goes up 29.4 points this year, I have 3K in said fund. Did I make 29.4 dollars or did the value of my investment increase by 29.4%? 12 more words


Alternative to Bloomberg Terminal?

I have been looking for alternative programs to B.Terminal, got some ideas online but before I would like to go with one of them, I decided to ask you subredditors that do you have any favourite ones? 38 more words



After the United shitshow today, is it a good idea to jump into SABR?

Submitted January 22, 2017 at 08:48PM by redflcn
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Stock apps

Which apps are safe to use? Are they advised for newbies?

Submitted January 22, 2017 at 06:55PM by viethaaaaa
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Viability of Dividend ETFs?

I'm considering switching to a dividend based ETF investment portfolio, with VIG, FDL, FVD, VYM as prime contenders. Looking for something low-risk with relatively assured payoffs, since I don't have a huge amount to invest at the moment and would like to avoid some short term volatility. 19 more words


TransCanada Keystone XL?

Does anyone know if TransCanada is going to reapply for the Keystone XL? I know it got killed off by obama but their website makes it seem like they have plans. 43 more words