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The Three Kinds of Performance

In our recent reading, we came across another useful concept from Morgan Housel. He talks about the three kinds of investment performance:

1. Bad.

2. Overall good, but occasionally bad. 292 more words

Mark Leibman

Average Is Not Good Enough

There is a split in the investment world. One camp believes people should just buy passive products that seek to mimic the investment universe at low cost. 496 more words

Mark Leibman

Did Your Bucket Grow? The Measurement that Counts

We have an issue with investment theories that look great on paper but may not help people build wealth. The vagaries of human nature mean that investments which are appealing and popular and those which make money tend to be two different things. 378 more words

Mark Leibman

Security Selection Doesn’t Matter—or Does It?

One of the staples of conventional investing wisdom is asset allocation—the choosing of broad market sectors, determines investment outcomes. Supposedly, the selection of individual securities within each sector barely matters. 393 more words

Mark Leibman

Editorial: Pension board faces tough rate decision

A vote scheduled for this Friday regarding the state’s dramatically underfunded public pension system won’t single-handedly solve the problem.

But it could bring into clearer perspective exactly how big the problem is. 29 more words


Why Short-term Investment Performance Doesn't Matter

The phone rings from a prospect looking for a new advisor and, after exchanging a bit of information on how financial planning and investment planning are long term endeavors that go hand in hand, the prospect inevitably asks about performance. 1,224 more words