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Annualized Return or CAGR

The Annualized Total Return, also called the Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), provides an interesting number to describe the performance of an investment.  Contrary to… 317 more words

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why more equity managers don't outperform

1.  Most US equity managers, prompted by personal inclination and the wishes of their employers and their institutional clients, adopt either a value (buying undervalued assets) or a growth(buying accelerating profit growth) investment style.   363 more words

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Keeping Score for December 2014

I’ve just updated my Keeping Score page for a sideways-moving S&P in December.

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Strategy Backtesting and overfitting

Strategy backtesting is often used to test an investment strategy from historical stock or ETF information (usually price).  The belief is that if a strategy performed well in the past, then it should continue to perform well in the future. 519 more words

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the Mainstay Marketfield fund (ii)

I’ve been thinking about the Mainstay Marketfield fund. The I shares (the ones with the longest track record) = MFLDX.

Is this a risky fund? 563 more words

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