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Chimerical "Investment Pieces"

I read and hear a lot about “investment pieces,” those clothing and accessories items that are meant to be somehow different from the rest of what we shop for. 1,572 more words


The Timeless Power Pieces


There’s something so elegant about a trench that just ties everything together so nicely. It’s a powerful piece that never seems to go out of style. 130 more words


Fashion: Is There Such a Thing as an Investment Piece?

Since the focus of this blog is investments, I’ll post about what fashionistas call as “investment pieces”. From a perspective of an investor and not a fashionista, do these things really exist? 623 more words


Investment pieces: Top 5 handbags

When it comes to purchasing clothes, my philosophy is to invest in accessories. Accessories can last you a lifetime and can be worn time and time again. 581 more words


Why is cashmere so itchy??

I’m going to be smart about my closet this year, and forgo impulse purchases and “fast fashion” in favor of long-lasting classics. To that end, I started making a list of high-quality items my closet is most in need of: button-down shirt (not necessarily in white, but definitely with enough room that I do not have chest gaps); black leather jacket (so that I can pretend I am cool); brown booties (I already have grey and black); black cashmere sweater… 252 more words

Fresh Start

My Christmas Gift to Myself: Burberry

Hey Guys!  I hope you guys had a great holidays!!!
I was fortunate to spend my holidays with all of my family and loved ones :) 433 more words

Bargain Find

Investing in Fashion

I remember when $20 was a lot of money! Oh the things I could buy – candies, magazines, cups of coffee, couple packs of cigarettes (it was the 90’s and it made me look oh so cool and sophisticated). 434 more words