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Investing in a few fine pieces

If I have a minimal wardrobe, each basic must be investment-quality. This cashmere sweater meets my criteria of an investment piece: it is well-made by a reputable company in Scotland of 4-ply yarn.

Style Quest

Dream Lace Dress

Lace Dress

Why not pick up a lace dress for the upcoming holiday season.  This one is a bit bold and dramatic and incorporates much more than lace – like those “feathers” on the bottom. 125 more words

Investment Pieces

Let's chat with coffee

I read many blog posts throughout the week especially international ones’ and, I found this assertion being said all the time; “It’s an investment piece” 391 more words

Stephanie Marthinus

Ease Into Fall

Fall 2015

It’s hard to believe that fall is already here.  I was just thinking how the holidays are just around the corner…I know, I know, a terrible thought with which to start the morning.  236 more words


Mainly Black

Today, I was having fun with black.  I tried to include a variety of outfits for y’all because I’m considerate that way. :) Enjoy!


Work Week - Classy

Put-Together and Prepared

When putting together a work outfit, (or any outfit, really) think about your day, first.  Will you be sitting in your office all day working on budgets (yes, that’s what my day will look like), will you be out and about observing, with whom will you meet, will it be hot, cold, etc.  161 more words


Work Week - Soft-Pleat Dresses

Soft-Pleat Dress

Soft-Pleat dresses are so easy to wear to work. They look professional and are a bit forgiving, should you have indulged too much at dinner the night before.  129 more words