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Work Week - Thursday

Easy Dressing

This is an easy, professional looking outfit to put together for work.  On days like today, when I don’t want to think too much about my outfit, I just throw on a simple dress, add a belt, pumps and a satchel and I’m ready to go. 22 more words


Work Week - Business Meetings

Investment Work Wear

Every item in this outfit is an investment piece and also a work wear staple.  If you have these items in your work wardrobe then getting ready in the mornings shouldn’t be difficult at all.  117 more words


Wardrobe Staple - T-Shirt Dress

The T-Shirt Dress

Do you own one?  There are so many options available for t-shirt dresses.  Look for one that is flattering in shape and length. 118 more words


Reader Spotlight: Meet Diana!

Hey All! It’s Thursday – that means it’s time to feature another stylish reader. This week the always impeccably dressed Diana was kind enough to share her thoughts on fashion, her personal style and what she keeps an eye out for when she shops. 255 more words

Reader Spotlight

Work Week - Thursday

Fringed Skirt

I loved this fringed pencil skirt.  Would I wear it to work?  Probably. The fringe is subtle and the outfit, as shown, is pretty conservative.  214 more words


Smart Shoppers Invests!

As a woman it’s not a secret that many of us have some not so great shopping habits.  One big and maybe the absolute biggest is impulsive buying, we like it so we buy it but that’s not smart shopping! 754 more words

Investment - Navy Pump

Navy Pumps

Navy pumps are a smart addition to a work wardrobe.  If you cannot wear the color black, then navy is the next best neutral color. 82 more words