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The Wrong Question

Where I work, we are not in the business of stock picking. Nonetheless, clients sometimes ask us to weigh in on individual equities. Often these questions come in the form of “should I buy Oil Company A or Pharma Company B?” 430 more words


Is your favorite marijuana stock a fraud?

The cannabis industry is the bane of my existence as an investment analyst. It is a wretched hive of scum, villainy and penny stock fraud, and yet the “legalization┬ástory” is so compelling that retail investors are drawn to the space like moths to a flame. 1,270 more words


Big Piles of Money

Private equity is sitting on a huge pile of money. The line of investors runs out the door. In fact, private equity today reminds me a lot of hedge funds circa 2002-2005. 654 more words


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On Spurious Precision (With Special Guest Seth Klarman)

One thing I love about investing is that, barring insider information and market manipulation, you must make decisions based on imperfect information. As a high school student I did not care for mathematics (an attitude I profoundly regret as an adult). 658 more words


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