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How to reduce your Risk Part III

Trick question (click here for the question, and here for the answers)
There is no right answer because risk cannot be minimised.
It can only be transformed from one type into another. 489 more words


Market Timing and Forecasting Service

http://paratradesystems.com – Our technical analysis mainly focused on price movement, anticipating price direction based on its ebbs and flows. Which helps to predict your current and future marketing profit growth. 7 more words


How to Reduce your Risk Part II

In my previous post How to reduce your risk? –

If you chose A please click here.

If you chose B please click here… 12 more words


Getting Ideas about Stock Market Trends with Technical Indicators

Stock investments involve several challenges which need more skills during the buying and selling process. It is necessary to monitor the movements of markets carefully for making a right decision in the trading. 233 more words


Framework for valuing fixed income - Front end

In a previous post, we looked at a model of relative value of equities versus bonds (https://appliedmacro.com/2017/05/09/are-equities-expensive-part-i/).
But it does beg the question of whether bonds are good value themselves. 1,305 more words


Investment Research for Analyzing Stock Fuel Gauge

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