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How we'll live on Mars

I have finished listening to the book How We’ll Live on Mars (TED Books) by Stephen L. Petranek. Like everyone in my generation I have been fascinated by space and I am big fan of Star Wars, Star Trek and every other space travel related science fiction. 353 more words

Investment Thesis

Raw Food SOS

I guess you can officially label me as obsessed with Food now. I am consuming so much information about Food, that it is insane. I wanted to share this article that I saw “ 449 more words


Genetics and Epigenetics

It is just fantastic to learn how our genetic makeup works. Especially when my doctors point to the fact that my parents and grandparents had the diabetic condition, that there is no way for me to reverse that trend. 378 more words

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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

Since I started getting obsessed about Food, Diet and Nutrition based on a phone call that I received
from my doctor almost a month and half back. 919 more words

Investment Thesis

Confusion about Food, Diet, Nutrition and Healthy living

I have been reading, watching Ted videos and attended seminars about Food, Diet, Nutrition and Healthy Living. My wife has officially confirmed that I have become obsessive, crazy and extreme about food that she is rolling her eyes everyday what other crazy thing that I am going to do. 926 more words

Investment Thesis

Iceland has the world's best diet?

I am looking at Food and Diet with my Startup thinking hat. Like all typical research I went to the ultimate source of research data, … 368 more words

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Food and our body

I was diagnosed to be a borderline diabetic in January 2006. I went to work on myself dropped some weight and became active. The diabetic condition went away since I moved to Iceland. 758 more words

Investment Thesis