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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

Since I started getting obsessed about Food, Diet and Nutrition based on a phone call that I received
from my doctor almost a month and half back. 919 more words

Investment Thesis

Confusion about Food, Diet, Nutrition and Healthy living

I have been reading, watching Ted videos and attended seminars about Food, Diet, Nutrition and Healthy Living. My wife has officially confirmed that I have become obsessive, crazy and extreme about food that she is rolling her eyes everyday what other crazy thing that I am going to do. 926 more words

Investment Thesis

Iceland has the world's best diet?

I am looking at Food and Diet with my Startup thinking hat. Like all typical research I went to the ultimate source of research data, … 368 more words

Investment Thesis

Food and our body

I was diagnosed to be a borderline diabetic in January 2006. I went to work on myself dropped some weight and became active. The diabetic condition went away since I moved to Iceland. 758 more words

Investment Thesis

Startup thinking and the Ocean

In case you missed the announcement, Startup Iceland is teaming up with the Iceland Ocean Cluster to bring #Startupthinking to the Ocean. Before you roll your eyes and say what could you possibly do here. 321 more words


LeapFrog Investment Thesis

It’s been a long time since we last wrote on the blog, but it’s better late than never I guess… In this post we discuss the investment thesis of LeapFrog Enterprises, a company that operates in the toy industry, and is a leader in the child entertainment niche. 282 more words

Investment Thesis

Is your Venture Capital Firm Having an Identity Crisis?

Imagine this: you’re in front of a nervous young entrepreneur pitching their idea for the next Uber.  They are a first time entrepreneur whom you met at a cocktail networking event, an event you didn’t even want to attend.   877 more words