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Investment Thesis - Omega Healthcare Investors Inc. (OHI)

  • Omega is a quality high dividend yield healthcare REIT. Omega maintains a portfolio of healthcare facilities and mortgage of healthcare facilities located in (mainly) US and UK.
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Investment Thesis

Investment Thesis - Alibaba (BABA)

  • Alibaba’s Ecommerce success can be expanded internationally. The popularity of Ecommerce is gaining momentum internationally. Currently they’re success in the China market provides them some stability and I have high hopes for their global expansion.
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Investment Thesis

Portfolio Update: Singtel

I picked up Singtel during the recent sell off, just as it reached new lows. I think the last time it was at this price was somewhere in 2013.  444 more words

Investment Thesis - Tencent (0700)

  • Tencent’s online gaming dominance is likely to continue. Given that majority of their gaming revenues are coming from mobile games, the current video games trend of shifting from PC to mobile is beneficial for Tencent’s growth.
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Investment Thesis

Portfolio Update: ESR (Buy)

As always I always recommend putting down your investment thesis in point form when buying, as it makes the selling decisions more rational and less emotional.  363 more words

2017 Annual Shareholder Letter

My 2017 annual letter is linked below. If you’re interested in the below topics you should probably check it out :)

  • Why I think Issuer Direct has a durable competitive advantage and can grow for many years…
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investment thesis for Sunright ltd

Company introduction

Sunright does burn in and testing of semi conductor chips for the largest semiconductor chip manufacturers in the world. It is the largest chip testing company in the world. 419 more words

Investment Thesis