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Napco Security Technologies (NSSC)

Napco Security Technologies (NSSC, $5.56) is one of the companies I met with at the MicroCap Conference two weeks ago. At a quick glance, Napco appears to be a typical manufacturer with no competitive advantage and low margins, but there may be more to the story. 635 more words

Investment Thesis

Retail has been disrupted

I had a chance to visit Poppy Barley, one of the startups that graduated from Startup Edmonton. I think they also got investment from… 643 more words


Oriental Watch: Deep Value at its Finest

Oriental Watch is a luxury watch retailer that owns stores in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. The company’s stock is currently selling for HK$1.05 and my estimate of liquidation value is around HK$2.50-$3.00. 1,813 more words

Investment Thesis

Macro Enterprises: Below Liquidation Value and Profitable

Macro Enterprises is profitable, selling for below liquidation value, still run by its founder who has significant stock ownership and there is an impending catalyst that could significantly increase revenue. 1,624 more words

Investment Thesis

How we'll live on Mars

I have finished listening to the book How We’ll Live on Mars (TED Books)┬áby Stephen L. Petranek. Like everyone in my generation I have been fascinated by space and I am big fan of Star Wars, Star Trek and every other space travel related science fiction. 353 more words

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Raw Food SOS

I guess you can officially label me as obsessed with Food now. I am consuming so much information about Food, that it is insane. I wanted to share this article that I saw “ 449 more words


Genetics and Epigenetics

It is just fantastic to learn how our genetic makeup works. Especially when my doctors point to the fact that my parents and grandparents had the diabetic condition, that there is no way for me to reverse that trend. 378 more words

Investment Thesis