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If our homes are our biggest investment; we should buy/sell them like investments!

All these financial and real estate guru’s say, “Your home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make.” But 99% of the timing of people’s buying and selling their “biggest investment” is based on when it’s convenient for them based on their personal situation. 1,095 more words


(What's Left of) Our Economy: A Flat Earth-ist Argument for TPP

I don’t know what it is about international economic and trade policy that turns otherwise intelligent people into the professional equivalent of morons, but it urgently needs intensive study. 309 more words

{What's Left Of) Our Economy

Major Companies Look to Invest in Indian Insurance Industry

Recent reports from analysts show that current life insurance companies are to be valued at 1.2 to 2.1 times their embedded value FY2017, overwriting the previous agreements that valued them at three times the EV. 264 more words


日経平均の値下がり Drop in price of the Nikkei Average

The Nikkei Average said to be a record high has begun to fall.

A high price of 25th at the last

It is loss of 500 yen for two days… 15 more words


College tuition spirals: Investing in a better future

Jerome Robinson II, Staff Writer

Modern day expenses such as cellphone bills, dinner at trendy restaurants, cable bills and vacations have taken a backseat to college tuition at four-year institutions, becoming a growing burden for families in America. 270 more words


New Face of Lagos(Reason to Invest in Eko Atlantic, Nigeria)

Investing in Eko Atlantic captures the potential of a continent, which many acknowledge as the world’s most promising new investment horizon. An ingenious collaboration among some of Africa’s greatest leaders, the project has called for a selective international team of financiers, engineers, real estate developers, urban planners and contractors, among others. 386 more words

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