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The Double Rule

Over the past few years, I have had to make several big purchases. I have purchased a car, a street bicycle (yes, an actual bicycle), a computer, and a lawn mower. 421 more words

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Fundraising for Breast Cancer Society of Canada – June 26, 2015

With your support, we raised funds to support key programs at London Health Science Center (LHSC) including not limited to Brain Health, cancer Care, Cardiac Care, Mental Health, Orthopedic Care And Women’s care.

Did Net Neutrality Kill Broadband Investment Like Comcast, AT&T, Verizon Said It Would?

Last year, when the FCC was preparing to vote on the new Open Internet Order (aka “net neutrality”) and its reclassification of broadband Internet as a vital utility, virtually the entire telecom and cable industry claimed this change would ruin investment and slow innovation. 3,635 more words

Porsche is spending €1B, hiring 1000 workers to become an electric carmaker

As part of a Reuters report that Porsche wouldn’t be quite as profitable in the short-term, it was revealed that the German luxury automaker and part of the Volkswagon g Group will spend a whopping $1B Euros to retrofit its factories to produce… 259 more words


Fund Review - Qato Capital Fund

Qato Capital last year rose to be the first ranking of 74 long/short market neutral managed funds.

In just over twelve months of investment, the total return from August 1 2014 to 31 January 2016, was recorded as 32.5% compared with -11.3% for the ASX 100 index from which Qato selects its portfolio. 439 more words

Review of "Wall Street's Just Not That Into You" by Roger C. Davis

Wall Street’s Just Not That Into You is an enjoyable, short read, but it’s another brick in the wall of finance books that foolishly suggest you can beat the market. 619 more words

Your MF investments - Time to take stock

I am quite sure this post will have many people unhappy, but it is important to understand the impact that many investor portfolios have now had, due to the continuous sell off in the markets. 393 more words