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A Tip on How to Not Over Pay Tax on Social Security

   First read my post on the April 1st deadline for taking your first “required minimum distribution” (RMD) from your tax-deferred accounts like IRA’s and 401K’s. 275 more words


Don’t Be a Retirement Fool on April 1st

If you miss the April 1st date you will be taxed at a 50% penalty rate!

April 1st might be a good day to play a trick on a friend or family member, but if you turned 70 ½ during 2014, April 1st is a very serious date. 273 more words


The hidden value of great financial planning

Almost everyone worries about money, what the future may hold, and the decisions and choices that they will face along the way; yet few realise that financial planning is the key to sorting it all out. 922 more words


Miami Renters Increase 25% The Last Seven Years

A recent article in Miami Today points out Miami’s rental population is growing and market watchers are divided as to why, with some saying it’s temporary and others that home prices are too high for anyone but the wealthy. 113 more words


What a trickster/con artist looks for in their victims

According to www.fraudaid.com con artists are very careful when they choose their victims. They do not have an interest in people who will question them and their every move. 490 more words

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Rudi Deruytter Interview

Title: CEO

Company: CKV Bank

Location: Belgium

Rudi Deruytter is an accomplished professional in the banking industry who has garnered more than 30 years of experience in the field. 107 more words


The Saturday Review #Blackcountry

The sun came out a little bit on Tuesday, so we went out to take some photographs. This is Farley Park in Great Bridge. I’ll be using more pictures that I took on Tuesday for my weekly photography lesson on Wednesday. 462 more words