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The Limits of Iran’s Economic Growth after the JCPOA

DAVA Mercantile Digest no. 1 by Ion Josan, Senior Expert & Founder

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During the first term of President Hassan Rouhani, Iran has struggled to improve its severed ties with the world. 1,646 more words


Understanding Turn Key Sales When Building a Home

You would think that understanding real estate terms might be a bit easier than prepping for the country’s largest spelling bee. Yet seemingly basic realty terms can have widely diverse meanings depending on geographic location and even within the housing industry itself. 554 more words


Is the Stuff You Buy Over 20 Years Worth 40,000 Hours of Time? by CARL RICHARDS


If time equals life, and money equals stuff, then life equals stuff. Are you trading too much of your life and not getting enough stuff in return? 15 more words

401K, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA

Will you have enough to retire?

你知道只要你的孩子滿13歲, 開始打工, 父母就可以幫他們開Roth IRA退休帳戶 (18歲以下需開監護羅斯帳戶), 將他們打工賺來的錢存進去 (包括合理薪水或自雇收入)。假設小孩暑期打工賺取每小時7.25元的聯邦最低薪, 每周30小時為期12周, 共賺到2600元, 其中7.65%付薪資稅, 如果他不打算把錢存起來, 父母還是可以為她存進2600元或是提供孩子願意存的配對金。若她未來50年每年存2600元, 假設回報率為7%, 羅斯帳戶可達百萬元。(這是父母能給孩子最好的理財教育)

如果你已經開始工作了, 就應該開始存退休帳戶了, 因為你的優勢在於複利和時間, 也許一開始你賺的不多, 能存的也不多, 但是只要你的起步早, 那個 207 more words


Financial Guidance Coming From a Professional

The psychological nature in the pure Cancer is quite just like the physical nature with the crab – a difficult shell conceals an inner interior that’s soft and prone to injury. 425 more words

Broker Official - The Good, Bad and Ugly

This article will outline my personal experiences with Broker Official. It may not be your experience however I truthfully share mine hoping that anyone using their services learn from my experiences. 1,194 more words

Broker Official