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3 Facts That Could Hinder Your Retirement

Fact #2

Term Policies

Don’t Be Cheap! Although Term Policies are offered at a lower premium, they offer NO VALUE at all. That’s right, Zero.It only offers a death benefit within that term & does not build cash value. 43 more words

Alberta to introduce tax credit for investments in small businesses up until 2019

CALGARY – The Alberta government plans to introduce a tax credit for investments in small businesses in the fall sitting of the legislature.

Economic Development Minister Deron Bilous says there will be a 30 per cent tax credit for investments in Alberta small businesses made between April 14 of this year and Dec. 117 more words


Turnkey Real Estate Investing - Offering Capital and Revenue Gains Simultaneously

Turnkey real estate investing is a candid investment idea that offers capital and revenue gains to the investors.The turnkey properties are the assets that are purchased with investment purpose. 412 more words


Good grief! They’re commoditizing index investing again

The conversation in our industry has again turned to the “commoditization” of index investing as a handful of prominent asset managers have decided to hop on the low-cost indexing bandwagon. 824 more words


Hamilton Tour - Student Rental House

This blog will be dedicated to Hamilton tour we went on last Saturday. Real Estate investors have to be aware of the current market situation. Such tours are one of the tools that help the investor to be “up to speed”. 1,148 more words

Investing In Real Estate

3 Facts That Could Hinder Your Retirement

Fact #1

DO NOT Leave Your Money In A Tax Qualified Account (401k, Traditional IRA’s etc.)

Upon withdrawal; monies withdrawn from a tax qualified account are subjected to the current marginal tax rate. 74 more words

US economy less sluggish in 2nd quarter; companies investing more

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

US economic growth was less sluggish than previously thought in the second quarter as exports grew more than imports and businesses raised their investments, hopeful signs for the economic outlook. 483 more words

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