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The Next Big Thing is the Continuum

I.C. Angles Investment Post…

What is the next big thing in the digital technology revolution? Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nowadays kids are whipping out computers from their pockets to digitize their latest meal and share what they ate on social media networks that span the globe. 94 more words


Sefirot Freestyle

And so the frustration continues. Struggling to make headwinds, it will come ……


Market Observations

It’s the quick swipe to grab some cash
by million-dollar Ph.D.s who sold out to pick stocks
like oracles in the dark.

It’s the little guys who churn books to make rent. 237 more words

Vince Stamey

Financial Market Sentiment (News Highlights)

Prepare clients now for an extended period of abnormally low portfolio returns (Investment News, 7/31)

The expectations many investors have baked into their financial plans for the future are based upon recent or historic gains.

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Here's to Lessons Learned from my Dad

When I say 80 percent of my success comes from my informal education, I should mention that I had a great education.  My high school was a top high school in NY and my college was, and still is, the best public University in NY. 890 more words


Why It's So Hard To Make Money With "Hot Stocks"

It usually goes like this: you hear from a friend or read in some internet forum about this stock, you see it go up so much the past few days, then you finally buy, only for the stock to drop so fast that you are already down 25% in no time. 861 more words