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Regarding Resolutions

By Chelyse Prevost
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It’s finally here. You’re drinking more water, sleeping better, and doing away with problematic habits. You’re channeling through distractions and toxic people. 672 more words

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Stop Loss Order vs Stop Loss Alert

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One thing about cyrptocurrency that alot of new investors will not be prepared for is that the market runs 24/7, 365. There is no time that a market is down. 473 more words


My First Day of Investing in the TSX

I’m happy to report I officially purchased my first stocks! It was an exciting moment! After weeks of playing a simulator game while I waited for my $ to transfer over to my Direct Investing account, the day had finally arrived that I could invest real money into real stocks. 210 more words


Buffett bets on S&P 500, wins $1M wager against hedge fund manager

In case you missed it, in 2017 Warren Buffett won $1 Million for an Omaha charity last year after a hedge fund manager conceded defeat in a 10 year bet. 102 more words


Is Management a Moat?

The answer is no. Despite how amazing the management is, the industry and business model comes first and foremost. Because if the business operates in a cyclical industry or a very competitive industry, no matter how good the management is, he or she is unable to overcome the inherent problems with the industry. 6 more words


High Risk (Appetite), High Returns

Update: Prior title ‘Get Highest Return for Lowest Risk’ has been amended for better reflection of the point of article.

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I see that look of skepticism in your eyes. 776 more words