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(Iskandar EduCity)- 馬來西亞的新教育樞紐,位於柔佛伊斯堪达公主城,從學前教育中心到大學學府一應俱全。

(Iskandar EduCity)- 馬來西亞的新教育樞紐,位於柔佛伊斯堪达公主城,從學前教育中心到大學學府一應俱全。

 马来西亚与新加坡置业, 商务, 移民,留学和投资考察。爱恩解决客户对新加坡与马来西亚投资的疑问,按照客户需求提供专业建议, 省力,省心。 您也可以轻松快捷地获得一站式海外生活规划的高品质服务.



马来西亚依斯干达教育城(Iskandar EduCity)设立后,不断吸引包括新加坡在内的各国品牌大专前往开设分校。当地目前已有七所国内外大专院校及两所国际学校,成为本区域另一个新兴教育据点。

目前在依斯干达教育城的大专院校,包括来自英国的马国纽卡斯尔医药大学(Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia)、南安普敦大学马国分校(University of Southampton Malaysia Campus),以及雷丁大学马国分校(University of Reading Malaysia)。

来自新加坡的则有依斯干达莱佛士大学(Raffles University Iskandar),以及及新加坡管理发展学院(MDIS)依斯干达分院。其他高校还有荷兰海事技术学院(Netherlands Maritime Instituteof Technology)与马国多媒体大学依斯干达分校(Multimedia University@Iskandar)。 634 more words

Do investors need landlord insurance?

CHICAGO – April 24, 2017 – Renting out property can always be a gamble, with the risk of a bad tenant who could, for example, smash a hole in the wall or bail on paying rent. 288 more words

5 Top Reasons Why Lease Purchases Are So Profitable – Local Records Office

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE, LOS ANGELES, CA  – In the past six years, I have managed over one hundred lease purchase transactions. With this experience, I have grown to really appreciate the power and effectiveness of this investment strategy. 876 more words


Deed Theft Scams: Why Not Prosecute the Banks Too?

It is supreme irony that individual scam artists are being prosecuted for false representations and deed theft — while the the institutional scam artists on Wall Street did the same thing raking in trillions of dollars, without a whiff of criminal prosecution.

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Lessons From a Legendary Investor

From Crush the Street

Rick Rule on His Biggest Gains!

This past week, I listened to what is probably one of the most important interviews I’ve ever heard in my life. 915 more words


Aspire Home Finance to Raise Rs 500 cr from PE Investors

Aspire Home Finance, a subsidiary of Motilal Oswal Financial Services, is looking to raise around Rs 500 crore to increase its loan book size with a valuation of Rs 4,100 crore. 122 more words

Industry Buzz

Isaac Newton was a genius, but even he lost millions in the stock market

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Isaac Newton was one of the smartest people to ever live.

But being a smart physicist is not necessarily the same thing as being a smart investor. 242 more words

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