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The Weiss Report - Market Effects

There is uncertainly looming on the horizon – at 9AM EST tomorrow, Weiss Ratings will publish “the first Bitcoin and cryptocurrency grades by any rating agency in the world.” While this is certainly a great thing in many ways… wider recognition in the mainstream financial world, the legitimization of cryptocurrency investments, reinforcement of Bitcoin futures, and additional valuable data on the machines behind these currencies – but there are many who fear that unfavorable ratings might inflict heavy damages on an already stressed January cryptocurrency market. 339 more words

Preparing For A Market Downturn

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I recently wrote an article about how to protect your investment portfolio; it can be found here. In it, I discussed the idea of diversifying your portfolio so that it would be better equipped to handle a downturn. 542 more words

Money Matters

It's up, no it's down... wait it's up, no, no it's down

Yesterday and today, bitcoin prices have been bouncing up and down like a yo-yo. Cruising at 11,800$, everything seems alright then for no reason, the price drops to 10,000$. 484 more words

Why Do Investors Buy Distressed Properties in Colorado?

Are you looking to liquidate your old property in Denver and don’t have the money to afford all reparation work? Have you ever thought about liquidating your property to a money purchaser? 928 more words

Real Estate Investors

3 Tech trends helping to bring new investors to Real Estate

Source: Sheila Eugenio.

Real estate has been a volatile market over the last decade, leaving many people wary of investing in residential and commercial properties. As a result, would-be investors are looking at the market differently and using new strategies to achieve success. 798 more words

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Hippo raises $25 million for home insurance

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There has been so much money poured into insurance startups lately that it’s spawned its own category, “insurtech.” Investors see an opportunity to reduce inefficiencies and make customer-friendly products. 267 more words