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christmas !!! invictus

umm it’s the season to be  jolly !!!   bah  humbug !!!

well actually that is  a  bit of  a lie and yer   think   bit of  myth that people on   autistic  spectrum don’t tell lies   they do but  maybe with  great difficulty and   does take a lot of  practice . 540 more words

Walk With Kings

This post has nothing to do with Rapsody, I just wanted an image of a crown for the pic and she recently dropped an amazing project titled Crown and this felt befitting.   1,133 more words

Internal Conflict

invictus deep breaths

last night   going to bed  got  in a bit of a frazzle   thinking    have i been  with   invictus     a  a year or is today as   2016   a leap  year  so    that  means extra   day and  skip a day    ahhhhh  was it   a year   yesterday    or is  today   ( does it matter )   ha    well  yes  it  does   it if u are  on the   autistic  spectrum and    got  a   thing  about  dates  and times   every thing   needs to be correct  the  sensible   side of me  says   does  it matter  when   your  friendship  began  with Invictus  what matters     the poem  is  still with  u today    yer  if  u say so !!! 322 more words

Invictus 1 year on

well  a year  ago   i got  a  phone call   that kind  of   changed   my life    not in a big  way just changed   my view     on poetry  and how it  helps   people  cope with   life  !!! 631 more words

invictus (unconquered)

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul. 81 more words


Invictus Games - Toronto 2017 - registering your interest

If you are, or you know of someone who is wounded, injured or sick as Service personnel or as a Veteran (Regular or Reserve) who has become ill or injured during, or as a direct consequence of your… More information