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Saturday Quote to live by

The following quote will one day be tattooed on me. It’s part of a poem that inspired Nelson Mandela while he was in prison. And I don’t know about you but I’ve, personally, always found Nelson Mandela to be quite the inspiration.

Invictus Pt 1

​Today was my second day of PT, first day of exercises in my athletic shoes only (NO support otherwise), and I am worn out! The 360 degrees of ice wrap at the end was HEAVENLY! 173 more words

zen parable

I read  alot of  so called  spirtiual   type of books not because  I am  that   bit  inclined   as in all  soppy   just  that   deep  down i   try  any thing  that may calm me awhile  i  seem to have no choice with the  way ptsd   efffects my life  it is   not a  choice  to be  this  ARRRRRRRRRRRRR but  still  I came across a  zen  parable  which thought would share… 259 more words



I am sitting here thinking, I have not written in a while.  Honestly, there has been so much going on, I have felt overwhelmed and unable to write.   846 more words


SHATTERED !!! Invictus

Been meaning to  blog   but that  thing  called  life   gets  in the  way ,   today  had  an app  with dr   as my bloods   had been  ultra high    but as i have stated  on lots of occasions  to medical people  my   blood  sugars  are so  high  because i am so stressed out  waiting   for  an appointment for emdr to  calm down the  thoughts i have  which   honestly    drive me  crackers   and i mean  crackers   any how i digress !! 257 more words



Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be… 82 more words


healthy new year not !!!

As  stated  on a previous  post  I am not  a big  fan of new  year  and only  5  days on and  things  not going to well  but hey ho early days yet . 284 more words