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I have different tag lines for my two personalities. One requires: sad, hurting, recluse. This one needs an invisible cloak to hide.

The other one: cheerful, full of life, laughs, happy, bright. 26 more words

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The Team Avengers of Bangalore

You don’t always get to find five cute kids all huddled up on just one scooter!

That afternoon, on our way back from lunch, Ashiya and I went grocery shopping at Thom’s Bakery in Frazer Town. 673 more words

Technology to become Invisible - Is US military already using it? Check this out

If you ever thought that getting invisible is possible only in your dreams, then you are wrong. Here is a new technology developed in University of Texas that you might think has come straight from Harry Porter. 18 more words

How To Get Invisible

Invisible Cloak A Reality?!

Not quite… the invisible cloak is actually just an invisible glass right now bending light ! It uses 4 separate lens to be able to do this ! 67 more words

Invisibility Chip

The science of stealth has long been a matter of fading into already obscure environments—the night sky, say, or the deep sea. But engineers are now developing materials that could… 213 more words