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Memorial Day

I am drawing a blank and that is pretty sad as an American. My dad is a veteran but, I thought memorial meant to memorialize and my dad is alive and well ( knocking on wood). 21 more words


May 16th, the  Cleveland Clinic. Purpose: to get a second opinion on my failing kidneys. Dr Wong, young, handsome, witty, extremely intelligent, and very impressive. It was a trip well worth the 8 hours. 593 more words

"But You Look Fine" - The Tale of the Invisible Illness...

If you had mentioned the term “invisible illness” to me 12 years ago, I would have looked at you like you had two heads. Maybe it was a lack of global education or maybe it was a lack of social media – these diseases just were not discussed. 492 more words


Accepting the Ups and Downs

After falling way down into that painful pit, I crawled back out and had a wonderful 4-day good streak (YAY!)  The good streak ended, like they always do, but I enjoyed being pain-free while it lasted. 116 more words

New NMMS Blog on MSConnection.org!

What if you could write a letter to your former self on the day you were diagnosed with MS, what would you say? 113 more words



WALK MS 2016 was a success! As with previous events, my favorite part is walking around the corner to check in and being enveloped in a sea of orange and so many beaming faces! 200 more words



I’ll admit to you, my blogging friends: I am struggling right now.  After having a few good streaks and feeling a twinge of normalcy, the roller coaster has caught me again.  130 more words