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Hello fellow blogging friends,

Isn’t it exhausting to be an unsolvable medical case?

Those changes I wrote about here?  It seemed like they were really helping for a couple weeks.  137 more words

Kudos goes to : Ste Walker :)

Today was a rough day, fatigue and insomnia has been a struggle this week, but the highlight of my day was to see the below article trending on Facebook!!! 55 more words


Type 2 diabetes and kids

To understand this blog post, you need to understand that Type 1 is the autoimmune disease unrelated to lifestyle which cannot be reversed, prevented or controlled through diet.   319 more words


The Chronic Truth, Invisble Pain & Quiet Strength "Defined"

The tagline to this blog, and the title of this post – “The Chronic Truth, Invisible Pain & Quiet Strength” – explains everything you need to know about Dysautonomia, and other invisible diseases. 593 more words


Emergency Room Trip = Catalyst for Change

I have never felt a migraine that painful before.  It felt like something exploded in the back of my head.

I had been struggling with migraine pain all day… no pain meds were touching the pain… it kept getting worse.  400 more words

raindrops in sycamores

The house is quiet, save for the gentle whir of the dishwasher and the cat’s purring. It’s raining outside, which is fine with me because though I often find myself missing Colorado’s big sky and 300+ days of sunshine, I savor the occasional cool, grey days of fall in western Pennsylvania. 562 more words


Steroids for Migraines

The migraine beasts have been attacking more viciously lately, so my neurologist suggested a round of tapered Prednisone.  60 mg for 3 days, then 50 mg for 3 days, etc.  153 more words