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Dear Grocery Store, Sincerely Mom's RA

I spend a lot of time at grocery stores. My husband works for one and we love lunch dates which usually end with a perusal of the aisles in a game of What’s For Supper. 428 more words


Dear YMCA Drop-In DayCare Provider, Sincerely Mom's RA

Before I go anywhere with this, I have to say:

I love the YMCA. I Love Drop-In DayCare. I in no way mean to criticize them or their mission in any way – I love the YMCA and our local branch has been immensely helpful in my arthritic plight. 228 more words


Waking To Struggled Walking

Nothing like wearing yourself out first thing upon waking, by merely trying to walk from bedroom to down stairs, to just start and greet another day in life.  396 more words

What A Life

Hey Ya’ll!

It has been longer than I would like since I have posted last but I have been pretty busy. I have a new job which is really exciting, although since it is substitute teaching, I’ll have to wait till school goes back into session to really have assignments. 352 more words



Hey friends!  Sorry for the disappearing act.  It was unintentional.  I’ve been wrestling with a lot of crap lately… either physically, emotionally, or both.

I went back to work part-time after being on medical leave for 6 weeks.  251 more words

Hi, honey, I'm home!

Really, I’m home. I wasn’t supposed to be. I was supposed to be in the car with my husband driving to St. Louis for a wedding. 988 more words

Hope for a Cure?

Do you have hope that a cure will be found for your Headache disorder?  Tell us about your hope.

First of all, I have a love/hate relationship with the word “cure.”  The optimistic half of me would love to find a cure and has hope that someday, I will be cured and find a whole new life: a “Life After Migraines.”  The realistic half of me doesn’t like the word cure because it is also entirely possible that I will always be susceptible to, and experience, migraines.  304 more words