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Life Situations

Do you find it hard to take a break from your mind and relentless thoughts?  I am a highly-sensitive over-thinker.  I feel too much, and I think too much (if there is such a thing).  235 more words

I Am AS Positive

When I was diagnosed with AS in December, I’d never heard of it before and I wasn’t alone — there is only a little over 1% of the general population afflicted with this disease. 251 more words


Good Stuff notebook

I bought a shiny new notebook that is my Positive Thoughts journal.  I have a separate notebook for my regular journal.  I have a third notebook for poetry and song lyrics. 178 more words


When excruciating migraine head pain is present, the pain is all a person can think about.  How much it hurts, how quickly one wants it to disappear and never return.  219 more words

My Daily triumph

If you saw me on the street somewhere, you wouldn’t be able to tell that I have a disease like multiple sclerosis. It doesn’t affect me the way I have seen it debilitate others. 1,129 more words


I am not weak, just tired!

I walk and I walk . I talk and I talk. I’ve done this for so many years as I have breathed. But how long must I keep walking and talking with all the airs and graces of positiveness. 193 more words


Stress and Migraines: A Catch-22

One of the biggest things I hear about concerning migraines is STRESS.  You probably know what I’m talking about.  If not, just Google Search “Migraines and Stress” and you’ll get over 9.7 million results. 241 more words