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No clues after 15 years

Sometimes I get lucky one month and go a week straight without migraines.  YES!

Sometimes I get unlucky and go a month with barely 2 good days in a row. 41 more words

A Bump in the Road

And my arm. Bumps on my arm.

Let me back up.

Hey guys.

I’ve said before that I wish I’d started this blog sooner, perhaps before and during the diagnosis process, so that you could all come along on this journey with me and experience things as I experienced them.  572 more words


Let it be

I’m always nervous when one of my children performs. Maybe it’s my childhood memory of the burning shame of forgetting my lines, or the sight of them so small, so vulnerable on a big stage, bursting with pride to take part: I’m one of those mothers staring intently at their child, mouthing their words, on the brink of an embarrassing loss of self-control. 520 more words


No April Fools, here! New NMSS blog!

Hey guys! I wrote another article for the NMSS blog.

You can read and interact with it by clicking here.


Want to get updated when I post a new blog entry? 49 more words


Gotta Make Cupcakes: A Tour Through MS Treatments I've Tried

I get a lot of questions about the medications I’ve been on, and it’s certainly a laundry list. These are only my unique experiences and I do not have any sort of medical background.  2,296 more words


Pain pain go away and come back....uhhhhhh....never!

I’m sitting here at 11:43pm waiting on my pain meds to kick in and watching John Wick, if you haven’t seen it and are a fan of action and a lot of guns plus Keanu Reeves look it up. 824 more words