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The Seven Letter Word

Writers block is legit. My brain was overflowing with topics that I wanted to write about for a while,  but I couldn’t seem to scribble my thoughts down. 693 more words

Becoming Superwoman: New article on MSConnection.org!

We are responsible for what we choose to do when faced with adversity–are you a Harvey Dent? Or are you Batman?

The most recent article I’ve written for the National MS Society’s blog is now live! 103 more words


Yay, a fun day!

Today was a very fun day! And I am happy that this is the first day I can say I feel really happy, since I wrote my first blog. 415 more words

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Brianna the Rose: Thanksgiving

So Thanksgiving didn’t exactly go as planned…

The day before Thanksgiving, Bri wasn’t feeling so well since she didn’t sleep too much that night. I know this because when I was awake that whole night working on homework, she would intermittently check up on me with a text or call. 444 more words

Poop Camp

 I cannot believe I survived Poop Camp Boot Camp! I’ve been on my own now for three days with a new mindset, new body and new lifestyle.  1,370 more words

You Spin Me Right Round

I’ve been a little … unbalanced lately. And I don’t mean this figuratively. I’ve been hanging out with my old friend vertigo for the past couple weeks, and let me tell you—that guy knows how to party. 768 more words


Endo What?

First of all, raise your hand if you’ve heard of Endometriosis. Unless you’re in public while reading this, that may raise some eyebrows. I’m going to use my personal experiences to assume that some of you reading this have no idea what it is. 611 more words