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Hope for a Cure?

Do you have hope that a cure will be found for your Headache disorder?  Tell us about your hope.

First of all, I have a love/hate relationship with the word “cure.”  The optimistic half of me would love to find a cure and has hope that someday, I will be cured and find a whole new life: a “Life After Migraines.”  The realistic half of me doesn’t like the word cure because it is also entirely possible that I will always be susceptible to, and experience, migraines.  304 more words

MS - My Invisible Tattoo

I have an invisible tattoo.

I was diagnosed with M.S when I was 21.  That was ten years ago now and to be honest, I really would not take away being diagnosed with M.S.   151 more words

Invisible Disease

Being Invisible (Reprise)

Occasionally I like to go back and reread some of my older posts. This is one of my favorites.

As I cruise the various blogs about RA, I see a lot of discussion about “visible signs” and “use of assistive devices” along with the omnipresent “invisible disease” conversations. 550 more words

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Migraine: A Serious Neurological Disease

I’m not feeling good today.

I have fallen into a depressed migraine state: when the agonizing pain has lessened but not gone away… when my whole body hurts… when my depression and anxiety is super high… when I feel so completely misunderstood by everyone… my family and especially at my job. 279 more words

Migraine Hell

Today is my *fourth* day in Migraine Hell this week and I am soooo miserable.  My head pain has been excruciating for most of the day, and on top of that, my nausea has also been horrible.  179 more words

My Invisible Disease

When I was 4 years old on June 28th to be exact I broke my leg for the first time on my sisters birthday. At that moment, my parents knew right away that I had inherited my dad’s bone disease, which is called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. 756 more words


Life Situations

Do you find it hard to take a break from your mind and relentless thoughts?  I am a highly-sensitive over-thinker.  I feel too much, and I think too much (if there is such a thing).  235 more words