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New Beginnings - Why the Blog Has Changed

I have been deliberating for some time now in regards to my blog and the direction I want to take it. In particular I have been thinking about changing the name from Positively Thirty to something that reflects more of what the blog is about. 246 more words


Occipital Nerve Block

I had my first occipital nerve block done last month.  4 quick injections in the back of the head.  It hurt less than I imagined it would.  215 more words

To Be or Not To Be (In)Visible

Having an “invisible” disease brings a wealth of challenges. I recently had an immersion course in being “visible”. Read about my (semi-comedic) experiences and conclusions at RheumatoidArthritis.net: … 9 more words

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Why am I blogging?

I have been thinking about starting a blog for years. Yeah, not kidding, years. First of all, I think that there are a lot of people in the same boat as me, suffering as hell and kind of lost either in the system or just in general (I call it “in limbo” – neither here nor there). 390 more words


Let's SMASH it!

We’re almost there! My husband is riding in his first BIKE MS this weekend. He’s really jazzed about it and is really taking to heart that the pain, fatigue, exhaustion, heat sensitivity, and even bladder urgency that he will experience during and after his ride is just a small taste of what we MSers experience every day. 215 more words


Say YES to YOU! New blog on MSConnection.org!

Hi! Do you experience guilt when you have to turn down invitations or skip out early on social gatherings? Do you live vicariously through your friends on social media? 128 more words


Staying Cool While Still Looking Cool

Hey everyone! I hope your summer is fun and relaxing! How has your weather been? It’s been so hot and humid over the past two weeks where I live and it’s only going to get worse over the next few days. 709 more words