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Young and Chronically Ill

It’s difficult to find resources and support when you are young and chronically ill. There are lots of blogs, if you can find them, but even then, it’s hard to find someone who has the same diagnoses and severity of symptoms, AND a similar life story. 414 more words

Book About Chronic Illness

To Say or Not to Say?

With the recent news of a new active lesion and talks about shaking up my treatment plan again following what was possibly my first attack in almost a year and a half, I find myself retracing the first steps I took during my diagnosis process almost three and a half years ago. 1,154 more words


"How's your head today?"

I don’t know if my friends should ask me every time they see me, “How are you doing… How’s your head today?”

I appreciate the love and concern and support, buuuuut… 483 more words

I wish life hurt less

“You think you want to die
But in reality
You just want to be saved.”

I’ve been struggling once again (ahem, like always) with acceptance of this disease (chronic migraines).  155 more words

Taking My Own Advice: New Blog on MSConnection.org

What crazy timing that my latest article for the National MS Society should go live, just minutes after my doctor called to tell me I have a new active lesion in part of my brain. 147 more words


Life without a Health Challenge? I challenge you! Part 1

Cannot believe it has been over a year and half since I wrote a post. Honestly, I did not fall off the face of the planet. 2,237 more words

Ankylosing Spondylitis

New Beginnings - Why the Blog Has Changed

I have been deliberating for some time now in regards to my blog and the direction I want to take it. In particular I have been thinking about changing the name from Positively Thirty to something that reflects more of what the blog is about. 246 more words