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Magic Sky Man

A Severe Back Pain ‘Chronic’le


**First off, I’m fine, just fed up. Second, I dont need a lecture or any of the sorts. Third, NO magic sky man inspiration crap. 256 more words

Invisible Illnesses

Down in a Hole


Above ground and alive, but darkness forever clouds the mind.
Multiple emotions all cloud the brain, yet feel nothing but insane.

Way too hard to explain, so continue to hide the pain. 49 more words

Invisible Illnesses

The edge of the abyss

In just ten days time, the government of Catalonia is determined to hold an independence referendum that the government of Spain is equally determined to prevent. 1,419 more words

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First Catalonia, Second Scotland…

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Make no mistake about it people, Catalonia will likely vote for its independence.  What happens from that point on will define what Scotland and the UK does. 708 more words


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My (Alexis Kaye's) Story in a Nutshell

Dear faithful readers,

Can you please read this and tell me if you think this is enough info on me, or if I ought to turn this into a book about my personal life and maybe add like things I am doing to work to get over the bullying I endured as a kid and how to handle it when it happens as an adult (though I do not know how right now), and to overcome or handle my depression, anxiety, and PTSD? 2,633 more words


A fool for hope

Every night when I go to bed I go with the hope that tomorrow will be the day that I will feel better and every morning I wake up feeling foolish for having that hope. 143 more words

Chronic Illness

Sleeping My Life Away

So, my whole life I have always been tired. I could drink coffee, or massive energy drinks only to follow a nap afterwards. Went to the Dr so many times because of extreme exhaustion. 353 more words

Invisible Illnesses