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Medical Criminals

This post is a part of the upcoming “I am… ” Series by myself.

I am a massive fan of Lie To Me. I watch them on a regular basis and love picking the emotions the actors are challenged with portraying in a… 358 more words


You know you have a chronic illness when:

Everything about this is true!

Although it should also say…
— you feel like a normie when your with friends that also have Invisible illnesses! 31 more words


Halloween Fun

1st November

Halloween in Australia isn’t very big, and my family have never really celebrated it. But this year in our town a group who support people with disabilities put on a Zombie Walk. 423 more words

I'm ok #iamfine #pain #MS #chronicpain

I know the feeling but it’s so much easier to say your ok than to create pain for someone that loves you when they find out how much your hurting!


Educate Yourself In The World Of MS

Explaining My Absence

28th October

Sorry it has been so long since my last post, not a lot has happened since my Person has been busy with her exams. 63 more words

Diabetes- the invisible illness

Coping with a lifelong medical condition is difficult no matter what the context. So imagine living with an illness that appears to be invisible. An illness that doesn’t show many physical symptoms. 925 more words

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