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Invisible disabilities

Recently a very well written blog by a woman who needs to use a disabled toilet because of an invisible disability went viral, she has no colon because of her illness and so her needs mean she has to use disabled toilet. 353 more words

From Moth to Firefly

Light has been used for many things. “The light at the end of the tunnel” referring to great hardship or death. “Go toward the light” for death again. 1,204 more words

Chronic Conditions

Winter's On the Wing

Life is tough. But even on days when I feel at my lowest, and it seems like I can’t find a reason to smile, spring creeps into my bones and makes me glad. 145 more words

Chronic Illness

TURNING PURPLE: Shattering Stigmas, One Ridiculous Meme At A Time

“Purple Day,” or National Epilepsy Awareness Day, occurs every year today, March 26th. To spread recognition, I’ve decided to “come out”, writing an op-ed on my discovery, diagnosis, and what it’s like to live with an invisible illness and neurological disorder. 2,268 more words


About Mental Illness

I wrote the following post weeks ago when I was at a lower place than I am today. This morning, I stumbled across it and wondered if I should post it. 1,501 more words


Invisible Illness or Invisible Ignorance?

Invisible illnesses are not something that many people know about or acknowledge, especially since most people work using the idea that ‘seeing is believing’. But just because you can’t see things, does not mean they don’t exist. 884 more words