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Amazon ruined phase 2 - training instead!

Kasper’s gift didn’t arrive for his gotcha, booo! Thanks Amazon Prime -__-

As soon as we knew we were definitely getting money next week, I raced onto Prime and trawled through five pages of dog toys, looking for a good yet cheap toy that had a guaranteed delivery date of 25th March (today, his gotcha). 408 more words

Positive Reinforcement

St George and the Soup Dragons

Firstly, an apology for the delay of our post soup event write up! It’s been a crazy beginning of a year with a lot going on. 762 more words


#spoonieragecomiccontest WINNER!

Alright, a month is up and we have our winner! Congratulations to Claire at Living, Being, Doing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

I’ll be in contact with you soon to get you your prize! 15 more words

Invisible Illness


Well, it’s (late) March, and that means it’s Endometriosis Awareness Month! Not much to be excited about, sorry – except for bringing awareness to such a terrible disease. 2,312 more words

Chronic Illness

Doctor Doctor! 

There is much shaming today about people who use Dr. Google as a medical tool. Whilst popular opinion is that we should not be turning to google for medical advice, however no one seems to be prepared to discuss why we are going there… And many certainly seem to be going there! 863 more words

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This is so true. Thank you, Trish!


Some days, all I want to do is scream out for the whole world to hear, “I’m not broken and I don’t need you to fix me!” I’ve looked my wheelchair over from top to bottom and I’ve checked myself from head to toe for signs indicating or requesting that every person who sees me out of my house stop me and act like it’s their personal mission to heal me. 1,009 more words

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome / Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Just Chillin'

For those of us living with chronic health issues, life can get a bit overwhelming at times. Doctor appointments, treatments, etc. can be stressful for anyone, but when you figure in the uncertainty of chronic illnesses, things can get out of control pretty quickly. 1,224 more words

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome / Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy