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"Would you try Marijuana gum for Multiple Sclerosis?" #miniblog #clickthelink #maijuana #pain #multiplesclerosis #ms

“Would you try Marijuana gum for Multiple Sclerosis?”

If it helps me with this continuous pain I am in, love I’ll try anything!

Looking at the page where I found this, every single persons answer was YES! 12 more words


Musings on a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Today dawned sunny and warmer. It’s 43 degrees right now and some of our two feet of snow will melt quite a bit today. But alas, the weatherman expects a hard refreeze overnight, so who knows what tomorrow will look like. 679 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

Super Mega Exciting (and Terrifying) News!

27th January

Today we got some super exciting (and a little scary) news. My Person and I are still at Father’s house until mid-February, but when we get home we are MOVING OUT! 332 more words

Australia Day 2016

26th January

Today is Australia Day, or Invasion Day. But whatever your point of view Australia has a lot to celebrate. We certainly wouldn’t want to live anywhere else :) 290 more words

Helping With the Gardening

24th January

Service dogs are trained to help their handlers manage in their everyday life. What we do will vary depending on our owners and what we can do is only limited by your imagination (and training ability). 446 more words

Going to the Movies With a Service Dog & Anxiety

14th January

For many people going to the movie theatre is a great way to relax and still feel like you got out of the house. 709 more words

Accommodation Issue

2nd December 2015

Today my Person was booking the accommodation for our trip up to Father’s. And as you would know from my last post that trying to organise this trip has been nothing but disastrous so far. 645 more words