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On Dismissive Doctors: Dorothy Zbornak Is My Hero

“You need counseling.”
“You should exercise more.”
“You’re a perfectionist.”
“Is someone abusing you?”
“It’s so funny how your legs shake! Why do they do that?” 720 more words


Pain, lack of sleep, and frustration

I miss having a life. I miss working and the social interactions. I’m sure some people view is to think I’m lazy but no that’s not the problem. 233 more words

Invisible Illnesses

Still Having A Bad Day - We've Run Out Of Pizza

While eating all the pizza in the house is far better than drinking yourself stupid it is not always the best solution when you are having a bad day. 29 more words

Sometimes there's nothing you can do but eat pizza

You know you have had a rough day when you end up eating an entire pizza in front of the TV while watching Seinfeld

I Still Have Faith In Humanity

28th August

While humans can be frustrating, ignorant and a little annoying at times, there are certain things that people do that rekindle our faith in humanity. 189 more words

I'm not invisible, but my illnesses are.

This morning, as I typed up Intro to the Hydration Party, I was feeling great. I had little-to-no pain and was bobbing with energy. Not long after I posted, I crashed. 984 more words

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome

Thriving Thursday - My Chronic Pain Story

I am a Chronic Pain Warrior

I was deemed “disabled” in May of 2012.  I have a lengthy list of diagnoses, some of which are… 1,167 more words

Chronic Pain