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Why all diseases are equal!

Do you think Cancer gets more understanding, support and compassion than other chronic or terminal illnesses due to people’s knowledge and the media portrayal of cancer sufferers? 1,321 more words

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Invisible Me 3

Well, I’ve had part 3 ready to go and was going to go into EBV, but last week I saw my endocrinologist and I was hit with an intuitively expected, yet unprepared for conversation. 743 more words


Can you have fun when you have a chronic illness?

I’m currently lying on the sofa with no spoons left (it’s not even 4pm yet) but reading this article made me want to use what little energy I have writing this! 1,378 more words

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There seems to be a 'Virgin' theme in my life lately...

As the title would suggest, there seems to be that theme in my life, and starting a blog would be no different. So here goes. My blog virginity. 701 more words

Raynaud's, Scleroderma and POTS

As my diagnosis journey continued, I was referred to a Rheumatologist to see if she had any idea what was wrong with me and why I had responded so to Budesonide, as described in my previous post ( 1,566 more words

Much Needed Vacation 

Haven’t been posting because I’ve been on a much needed vacation and here are some photos from my trip!


Has Primark got disabled shopping right?

Primark in the metrocentre has been refurbished and I went in the other day as I was looking for some superhero T-shirts and they usually have some good ones. 1,341 more words

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