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The hidden challenges of invisible disabilities

Millions of people work with disabilities they rarely talk about, but greater awareness can help both employers and employees, writes Jessica Holland.

Fighting to make it as an actor can be tough. 1,234 more words

Invisible Illnesses Unveiled - Plantar Fasciitis

Yvonne is a ray of sunshine and you wouldn’t dare look at her and think that she was suffering. She is struggling for answers and remedies while trying to piece together her life around a disability. 628 more words


Who's fooling who now?

I wonder how many people are foolish enough to be taken in by this latest bit of clumsy politicking from the British government. I wonder how many have the wits to realise that the VAT charges affecting Scotland’s emergency services were never justified. 326 more words


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Quitters Never Win, Winners Never Quit

Growing up, I frequently heard people say, “Quitters never win and Winners never quit.” It has taken me several years to fully understand what that statement means. 427 more words

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome / Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Hip Hip Hooray!

So in spite of my best efforts to ignore anything that even remotely resembles a birthday, my mom called me today to remind me I have a birthday tomorrow. 375 more words

Life And Other Insanity

Nasty nasty

The past week has been a bit confusing. Isn’t it independence supporters who are supposed to be the nasty ones? That’s what the British press and political class keeps on telling us so surely it must be true. 1,813 more words

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Chronic Behaviours 

It has become very clear to me that just because someone is chronically ill they don’t stop being human, and we still have all the human flaws and weaknesses that anyone else has in life. 1,209 more words

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