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Mystery (NOT) Solved, Part II


Last time, I talked about how I knew what was going on, and how I was hopeful I’d find a good doc. Update: I still know what’s going on, it’s just that now there’s MORE going on, and I have a distinct LACK of control of what symptoms will hit and when. 516 more words

Coming Of Age

25 Hurtful Comments

25 Hurtful Comments That Should NOT Be Said To People With Invisible Diseases

  1. You don’t look sick
  2. Just get over it
  3. No pain, no gain…
  4. 321 more words
Chronic Pain

He's at rest in God's hands, but ..................

 While attending a dear friend’s funeral, it  triggered memories of the grief I’d felt when our son died; after he ended his life. I remembered some of the things that well-meaning friends and relatives had said to me. 364 more words


Loving Someone with Fibro

I had a very basic understanding of Fibromyalgia when Cassandra shared her diagnosis with me. Since then, I’ve learned so much more, but nothing prepares you for living with someone who suffers from Fibro. 624 more words


I Can Still Smile

In July of 2014, I (Cassandra) was handed a sudden and rather unexpected diagnosis: Fibromyalgia. Not what a 25yr old woman wants to hear. In the days following, as I tried to learn about this, I had to remember to keep my head up and try to stay positive and focused. 1,536 more words



There are a lot of different kinds of addiction. It would be easy if the only things we could become addicted to were drugs or alcohol. 339 more words

Life And Other Insanity

Then I would stand a little stronger as I walk a little taller, all the time.

If there is one stereotype about us, as women, that tends to be true, it’s that we love to get together and chat over a beverage with our closest friends. 1,120 more words

Ryan Gosling