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What not to say to people

I came across this article on Facebook today, some of these things are shocking. There’s some good links to other blogs that people have written around chronic pain too. 10 more words

Some Light Relief

Spooning Out Knowledge

In 2003, Christine Miserandino posted an essay entitled The Spoon Theory on her website But You Don’t Look Sick (which is a total MUST READ), and effectively introduced what is now the most popular disability metaphor used to explain the fatigue and reduced energy levels that go along with having a chronic illness. 432 more words

We Impact Our World! 

The choices we make in life define not only who we are but how we live. Every little decision we make has an impact on our lives.

640 more words

How Do You Feel?? 

Pain is subjective. No one but you knows how you really feel. When you have RSD, pain is at the core of your treatment and medications. 285 more words


Things You Shouldn't Say To Sick People

After being hospitalized and released earlier this week, I am thankful to be back at home. Rolling my eyes as I write this, I am in bed, weak and achy like I have the flu. 508 more words


That Escalated Quickly

My GI finally came to see me this afternoon. I was glad to see him (not just because he’s super cute) because he managed to co ordinate with all my surgeons. 755 more words


I am constantly amazed at how much crap people can be put through and still push on. Honestly, at this point, I’m not entirely sure how I’m still pushing forward. 2,147 more words