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Winter's On the Wing

Life is tough. But even on days when I feel at my lowest, and it seems like I can’t find a reason to smile, spring creeps into my bones and makes me glad. 145 more words

Chronic Illness

TURNING PURPLE: Shattering Stigmas, One Ridiculous Meme At A Time

“Purple Day,” or National Epilepsy Awareness Day, occurs every year today, March 26th. To spread recognition, I’ve decided to “come out”, writing an op-ed on my discovery, diagnosis, and what it’s like to live with an invisible illness and neurological disorder. 2,268 more words


Invisible Illness or Invisible Ignorance?

Invisible illnesses are not something that many people know about or acknowledge, especially since most people work using the idea that ‘seeing is believing’. But just because you can’t see things, does not mean they don’t exist. 884 more words

Invisibility in Illness

Over the past couple weeks I have consistently come up against walls put up by the biggest challenge of my young life: my illness. It comes and goes in waves, as many of life’s struggles do. 1,360 more words

Personal Posts

Mystery (NOT) Solved, Part II


Last time, I talked about how I knew what was going on, and how I was hopeful I’d find a good doc. Update: I still know what’s going on, it’s just that now there’s MORE going on, and I have a distinct LACK of control of what symptoms will hit and when. 516 more words

Coming Of Age

25 Hurtful Comments

25 Hurtful Comments That Should NOT Be Said To People With Invisible Diseases

  1. You don’t look sick
  2. Just get over it
  3. No pain, no gain…
  4. 321 more words
Chronic Pain

He's at rest in God's hands, but ..................

 While attending a dear friend’s funeral, it  triggered memories of the grief I’d felt when our son died; after he ended his life. I remembered some of the things that well-meaning friends and relatives had said to me. 364 more words