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Hi there! It’s nice to know that you’ve stumbled upon my page and interested in my services! Kindly browse on the list below:


Travel volunteer blogger

Are you a travel blogger? Do you like to volunteer at SIWO. We need a travel blogger who will volunter their services with us to enable our readers to know more of the world.

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Sit with Me

It is special to Me when you take the time to sit with Me, to have fellowship. It is what I desired from the beginning of creation, for My children to willingly come and spend time with Me, not to get but just to be with Me as the One they love, to have a heart to heart time with.

“Coffee first. Save the world later.”

The morning is just so beautiful with a bright, bright sun, the bluest of skies and a slight breeze, deck weather for sure. It is already getting hot, an August heat, but the deck has branches hanging over it and an umbrella to keep the sun at bay. 321 more words


Sprinklers and Fountains...

I recall summer days during childhood when my father would attach sprinklers to a few hoses spread around the yard to water the grass. Then, every so often, he would move each sprinkler to a new location to ensure each section of grass was watered. 479 more words


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Joanna Peña

Hi! My blog is a poetry blog called The Cinderblock Garden. As my tagline says, it’s a place for me to lay my thoughts and bury my skeletons. 53 more words