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About Happiness (4)

Author, Oscar Basurto Carbonell, will present One Hundred Writings on this topic, for the purpose of offering a better understanding of the meaning of Happiness. 254 more words


540 🌷

Yesterday, when we’re waiting for the incoming nurses, I decided to check my yahoo mail and gmail on our computer. I didn’t checked my two email accounts for months already, I don’t remember when was the last time I read an email? 315 more words


Jesus said, “Neither he nor his parents sinned; it is so that the works of God might be made visible through him” (John 9:3). He said this in response to the disciples’ inquiry about whose sin had caused a man to be born blind. 445 more words


Steep Practice Tuesday 28th March **RSVP**

Hello All,


Following the well attended practice on 14th March, we would like to hold another practice at Steep, next Tuesday 28th March, so please let me know if you intend to join us.  57 more words


Writers Required 

Well, a new blog is coming up of which I am a part. This new blog is by one of my blogger friends. It’s a five member blog, of which three are already done. 76 more words

New Alresford practice moved to Old Alresford 31st March

Dear All,

The subject line tells you all you need to know: New Alresford St john the Baptist has been commandeered for a rehearsal of… 42 more words


Breaking Ground...

About a week ago, a good friend and I were walking along a path still covered with snow. With each step came the crunch of hardened snow beneath our feet. 336 more words