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I have had to bite my tongue for some time now.  I have wanted to share the news and seriously shout it from the mountain top, but I held my breath until I was far enough along and things were going smoothly….. 388 more words

How did we get here?

This has taken longer than expected so I apologize for keeping everyone in suspense for so long.  I’m such an open book when it comes to our infertility journey because I’ve learned in the past that by keeping it all in, it was tearing me apart inside.   2,285 more words


Bagaimana endometriosis menjejas potensi saya untuk hamil?

Puan A, 32 tahun,  telah berkahwin selama 6 tahun tetapi gagal untuk hamil kehamilan. Beliau hanya mengalami sakit haid yang biasa dan kitaran haidnya adalah normal. 529 more words

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Kenapa saya boleh dapat endometriosis?

“Dr, kenapa saya boleh dapat endometriosis?” tanya Puan M, 26 tahun yang nyata pasrah kerana mengalami sakit senggugut yang teruk sejak belasan tahun dan masih belum hamil walaupun sudah 5 tahun berumahtangga. 1,229 more words

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Oh My Goodness! My Butt Hurts!

Between Thursday night and Friday, I’ve started six new medications.  That’s 6 new meds!!! To say I’m sore, emotional, irritable and a whole lotta crazy is an under statement. 528 more words

Mother Denied Access to Late Daughter’s Frozen Eggs

Very interesting story from Newsweek – full story Mother Denied Access to Daughter’s Eggs

A British court on Monday denied a mother the right to serve as a surrogate to her daughter’s eggs, which were frozen before the 28-year-old died of cancer. 191 more words

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When All Is Said and Done

This has been a crazy ride. I started looking into Surrogacy in November 2014 and by January 2015, I had already delivered my first surrogate babies. 685 more words

Gestational Surrogacy