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The speed on the startpage is now super fast.

We have worked allot on setting the speed to max. Even with images it’s super fast.
Now we have learned how to maximize speed, and will improve the other modules too. 8 more words


Starting on email functions on all reports

Now it’s time to test and set up that email functions for all reports in Sussy.

Also RUT/ROT for Sweden.
Also one extra selection on each customer for default currency to use on orders and invoices.


H1bay.com and sussy.h1bay.com is moblile-friendly in Google's own test

H1bay.com and sussy.h1bay.com is now tested with Google’s own mobile-friendly test

Hard work has been awarding and it is totally mobile-friendly.
Celebrating with a coffey cup :) 28 more words


The finished reports form module

Here is the finished reports form module in Sussy. Made as a treeview.
This design also will fit mobile devices.


The finished inventory module design

The inventory is ready in Sussy Invoice.
Design is ready after allot of testing.
One super nice inventory module.


Updated design in the order module

The system is starting to be ready.
It has been allot of small design stuff to do in the finishing work.