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Admin on The Fly provides customized solutions for all of your administrative needs instead of just focusing on one specific discipline.

Administrative Support/Virtually
Full Administrative Services… 112 more words

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Gastos que un traductor independiente debe cubrir (valores para el Ecuador)


Los empleados asalariados NO deben cubrir estos valores, ya que la empresa paga todo esto. Cuando tenemos nuestra propia “oficina” (aunque sea un rincón en la casa), nos toca pagar telefonía fija, electricidad, materiales de oficina, computadora, etc. 132 more words


GUÍA DE TARIFAS MÍNIMAS (para colegas del Ecuador) (Con la ayuda de Paulina Muñoz)

A todos estos valores se añadirá el impuesto al valor agregado o IVA.

INTERPRETACIÓN, ACOMPAÑAMIENTO Y SUSURREO                                                                                                               
Tipo                     Horas          Modalidad          Valor

Día completo     7 horas       2 intérp.               259 more words


Billing psychology and the better meeting of minds

One of the things that used to annoy a lot of clients was sloppy billing practice from their advisers – it still does.

To your average professional, billing is often the humdrum (and, in some branches, embarrassing) bit that follows the interesting bit – doing the work.  370 more words

GnuCash: Show Outstanding Invoices

I recently switched to GnuCash for invoicing. While it’s quite powerful, it does have a bit of a learning curve. And while I’ve mostly been able to figure out what I need to know with the googles, one feature has eluded me: how to get GnuCash to show me a list of outstanding invoices. 220 more words


Pengaruh "GR Based Invoice" di Purchasing Order (PO) pada "Enter incoming Invoice" (MIRO)


Selamat Sore…

Semangat SAP! :)

Tiada hari tanpa issue, tidak ada issue maka tidak berkembanglah ilmu, tidak ada issue sering kali membuat pikiran “mandeg” 448 more words


Is bookkeeping your least favorite task? You’re not alone—here’s how Breezeworks can help

by Anh-Minh Le

We’ve all heard the saying, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Well, the reality is, for most of us, even if we love our jobs, there are some things that we would gladly pass off if we could. 445 more words