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3 year hiatus post...

The world is impacted by the objections of the few,

but influenced by the voices of many.

Voices that are heard from many miles,

voices that seek change, 48 more words

Partnership for a better Malaysia

Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country” –John F Kennedy  

Of all the profound changes now underway in our nation as a consequence of UMNO-BN’s electoral defeat, one of the most significant is the change of mood in the nation. 780 more words



My prose

Like my mind

Is often spurted out and reckless

But the purity of its intentions

In weight a feather would tip the scales


I am water

Where I ravage through

I leave a mark

No stone can withstand my effects

I allow the ether to flow

The skies open up… 17 more words

Using Scriptblocks in PSCustomObjects

Words: 806

Time to read: ~ 4 minutes

tl;dr: Save your command as a variable and then use .InvokeReturnAsIs method

Update: 2018-04-24 Added examples of using simple functions as well.

799 more words


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Lelaki ini...

Tak pernah bertemu dengannya sepanjang hidup kita. Tetapi kita mengenalinya lebih daripada kita kenal jiran kita sendiri. Kita tahu asal-usul lelaki ini, di mana sekolah dan universiti beliau belajar, dan kita tahu latarbelakang kerjaya beliau. 313 more words

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