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If I could change only one thing in the present
first & foremost, I’d increase my income
and that just may lead to a chain of events… 21 more words


Oh My Goddess

The idea of deity, of a higher power has been with us since time immemorial. As a species we don’t want to feel powerless, we want to feel that there is something out there that can help us and guide us. 522 more words


A Conspiracy of Silence

Click on the linkage here to discover my latest review for The Slaughtered Bird. It’s a short film called Invoke, and it turned up on the website mysteriously absent the usual flurry of Twitter promotion. 38 more words


Determine Installed PowerShell Version

As I explained in my previous post “PowerShell ISE” – what version the system is running has a big impact on the script and variables. 139 more words


Could Muslims Invoke the Blasphemy Section of Canada’s Criminal Code?

Just a few years ago, blasphemy laws in the West were considered a laughable relic from an oppressive society. Leftists and conservatives alike agreed that people’s opinions about religion should be kept private and the government had no business i…

Why Uber is the best job in the world

Anybody with a car can do it!! Anybody!! There are no yearly performance reviews. They give you notice when your documents are about to expire to keep you driving, like an employer is supposed to. 233 more words


What is the syntax to call a function?

<function name>(<arguments passed to parameters>)

#function definition
def printString(str):
     "Prints whatever string is passed here"

#calling function
printString("hello world")

hello world