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Trauma Off-Center

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words take years of therapy.

As much as successful living provides meaningful and enriching experiences, the lifestyle of a former emotional abuse victim yields intermittent bittersweet sensations that run the risk of souring everything good in the world. 621 more words

Prexton presses on with Foliglurax testing

Prexton presses on into phase II testing of Foliglurax.

Prexton Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company that concentrates its efforts on developing novel compounds for treatment of the Central Nervous System (CNS) i.e the brain and spinal cord. 757 more words

Research Study

"My Cat Unplugged My Alarm Clock"

Neal Pollard
A few years ago, the Baltimore Sun wrote an article about the outlandish excuses some people gave for not coming into work. To sample this pathetic pool, there was “my cat unplugged my alarm clock,” “I couldn’t find my shoes,” “my garage door is broken,” “my cat has hairballs,” and “my partner and I need to practice for the square-dancing contest in town today.” But, John Campanelli of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, relates perhaps the most classic excuse I have ever heard. 472 more words


Getting involved in the work of the Lord!

This is the last of a series of posts focused on personal spiritual growth, not just for new Christians, but for Christians of every “age”. 501 more words

Bible Commentary

Pre AAIC Conference…Part 2

I decided to take my lunch back into the conference room as it was all getting a bit much as so many discussions were taking place, which was good but overwhelming. 734 more words


Young Women & Girls of Leeds - come and have your say!

As part of the Leeds Women and Girls Forum we are holding our first Young Women and Girls Forum on Thursday 3rd August  1:30-3:30pm at… 171 more words


Pre AAIC Conference…Part 1

So following on from yesterdays blog, Friday saw me as the first speaker at the pre AAIC conference (Alzheimers Association International Conference).

I’d done a reccie of the venue the evening before so I knew where I was heading and had it logged into my walking app as well, just in case……… 863 more words