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To the future #partners team,

I was sitting on the Canada Line ready to go home from a coffee chat when I remembered that my friend, Bob was shamelessly plugging UBC BizTech’s hiring Facebook post on one of our group chats. 393 more words


Young Onset Dementia Network Meeting....

Yesterday, I was back down in London for the Young Onset Dementia Steering Group…..I wish I had a speeded up film of my travel this month as I’m sure it would make for hilarious viewing…. 944 more words


The New Production of Users: Changing Innovation Collectives and Involvement Strategies

Behind the steady stream of new products, technologies, systems and services in our modern societies there is prolonged and complicated battle around the role of users. 63 more words


BHiRCH Yorkshire Carer Reference Panel meeting

Yesterday saw me at my favourite university – Bradford. I’ve been involved with many projects there but don’t think I’ve been there for a while. Looking back through my blogs, I couldn’t find anything recently, so it must be ages ago. 963 more words


Pizza & Prof: Dr. Madhavi Venkatesan Talks Conscious Consumption

On Wednesday, March 15, Dr. Madhavi Venkatesan hosted a Pizza & Prof on the importance of conscious consumption. Students who attended learned about their place in the economy, how their actions foster economic outcomes, and how to align their consumption with what what they value. 236 more words


South West Clinical Research Network event......

Following yesterday’s traumatic journey to Exeter, I got up rested and was raring to go for the days event. It was nice to hear the seagulls wake up first thing as it reminded me of being near the seaside. 1,075 more words


Finding it in the family: New Parkinson's study. How to take part.

Familial Parkinson’s is a name given to PD that appears to run in families suggesting that something within their related genomes is responsible. Times and research change as we learn more, indeed not too long ago the medical world was generally of the opinion that PD was not inherited and all PD was idiopathic in origin (idiopathic is a fine-sounding word that means we don’t know what caused it!). 104 more words

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