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The Ferrari 365 GTC/4: The Missing Link of Culture Change

Ferrari built from 1971 to ’73 only 500 units of its 365 GTC/4. For this the car received the nickname “the lost Ferrari”; a missing link, but nevertheless an important one. 382 more words

Patrick Henz

Empathy and Involvement - the "One Anothering" of Biblical Counseling

by Marie Notcheva ©

Life is a messy business. Before kindergarden, most of us have figured that out – and life doesn’t stop being messy once Christ pours grace into our mess. 913 more words

Biblical Counseling

Travelling: A Way of Life

Traveling to me is not necessarily a vacation. In traveling, yes there are vacation-like aspects, just as there can be vacation-like aspects wherever one is. A weekend at home can be a vacation for some, whether it is relaxing at home or going out on an excursion of some sort that they would not be able to do during their regular schedule. 446 more words


Greek Like Resource Roundup

With Greek recruitment coming up, greek life’s ever-growing presence on campus is bigger than ever before. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, just a year in, or are interested in joining, having resources available to you is very helpful. 189 more words

How Much is Too Much?

This year marks my final year as a college student.  While, at times I absolutely hated being a college student and juggling the struggles and stresses someone who at times, might take on a little too much at once; there were also many, many times where I absolutely loved college and the experiences and lessons it has to offer. 330 more words

A look at Russia’s military involvement in Syria

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Russia on Wednesday launched its first air strikes in Syria, in what it said was an operation to defeat Islamic State jihadists. 464 more words

Daily News