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How nice to see you again, Agent 47

I’ve played pretty much all of the Hitman games (including Hitman Go the mobile game: It’s really, really good), the series featuring bald Agent 47 who has a barcode tattooed on the back of his head. 164 more words

Square Enix releases gameplay trailer of Hitman's "Showstopper" mission | Square Enix estrena el avance de la misión "Showstopper" de Hitman

[EN]: During PAX Prime, Square Enix released the first gameplay trailer of Hitman‘s “Showstopper” mission. The 15-minute demonstration looks great as it shows 300 non-playable characters, the most in a Hitman stage ever when compared to previous games, in this Parisian mission. 204 more words


Cinema Dispatch: Hitman: Agent 47

Hitman: Agent 47 and all the images you see in this review are owned by 20th Century Fox

Directed by Aleksander Bach

Are we really back here again?  2,413 more words

Movie Review

Hitman: Absolution - Review

When beloved franchises receive a new chance in the spotlight there is always a certain sense of dread looming in the back of the head of old-time fans. 1,747 more words


Hitman: most exciting thing at E3

Amidst the excitement for Fallout 4 and how pretty Guerrilla Games’ Horizon looked, it was very easy to overlook the most exciting thing at E3 this year: a game about a bald assassin with piercing blue eyes. 340 more words


E3: Season passes are "not good for gamers" says IO developer

This years Hitman is an unusual proposition, being offered as a platform or service rather than a single-player experience with a linear, time-limited campaign. Hitman will launch with missions and contracts for players to conduct as the legendary Agent 47, but that’s where the game begins, not where it ends. 270 more words


Enter a World of Assassination at E3 2015

The New Hitman was revealed first at the Sony Press Conference at E3 2015 followed by the Square Enix Press Conference and finished in the… 341 more words