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2016 Game Review Haiku, #44 – Hitman: Absolution

Hide Victoria
Hide Agent 47
Until plans go wrong

Here we go again. Another year of me attempting to produce quality Japanese poetry about the videogames I complete in three syllable-based phases of 5, 7, and 5. 56 more words


Lessons in Failure and Strangeness: Hitman Absolution Finds Redemption

Hitman Absolution by Metacritic was an utter failure (read: anything less than an 80 and doesn’t fit into the series in a way that is familiar to diehard fans). 321 more words

Game Criticism

Hitman is Taking a Summer Vacation and That's a Good Thing

A new episode of Hitman was recently announced, and it is not Episode 4. What it is offers some hope that the game will regain its footing after… 543 more words


HITMAN Elusive Target #4 is Here | The Sensation

Without warning this time around, Square Enix today announced a surprise Elusive Target #4 known as The Sensation (Jonathan Smythe) that is now at the Paris location. 96 more words

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Successfully Completed HITMAN Elusive Target #3 | The Prince | Video

So I completed HITMAN’s latest Elusive Target #3 – The Prince and let me tell you, this was the most difficult one yet. My playthrough last night wasn’t flawless nor did it take only one try. 663 more words

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Hitman Episode 3 Review

This Hit is a Miss

Agent 47 continues his globe trotting murder spree, this time in the Moroccan city Marrakesh. Unfortunately, this trip is not as successful as the last two. 691 more words