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Hitman's prologue is now available to play for free on all platforms.

IO Interactive, fresh off separating with Square Enix, is now allowing everyone to play the prologue of their seasonal Hitman game. The game has finished its first season of content and IO will be really counting on their second season of sales to keep them afloat now that they are on their own. 304 more words


Hitman's First Location is now Free to Play.

If you haven’t tried the new Hitman series, it seems now is the time!  It was announced today that you can download the first location in Hitman for free on all platforms.  115 more words

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In Defense of the Episodic Structure

A few weeks ago now it was announced that Square Enix was dumping IO Interactive, the developer behind the Hitman series of video games, among others, citing major financial losses due to the titles IO has developed. 1,268 more words

Optimistic Blog Post

IO Interactive to keep rights to Hitman as Independent Studio

IO Interactive, the studio behind stealth series Hitman, has confirmed they will be keeping the rights to the Hitman IP.

We're now officially an independent studio & we have complete control of the Hitman IP!

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IO Interactive Goes Independent And Keeps Hitman Franchise

This past May, Square Enix announced it was parting ways with IO Interactive. Today, that studio says officially independent and will keep the rights to the… 437 more words


Review: Hitman: Blood Money

Reviewed on PC.

I imagine Hitman would have been a hard series to pitch. A game where you murder people in some really gruesome ways, receiving more money for covering your tracks. 1,167 more words


Making a killing in Hitman

There are several kinds of Hitman players.

There are those that go suit only, super stealth guys that take it a little too seriously, there are the people that try one method only to screw up and kill everyone in sight and those that change into so many outfits that it might as well be one of the flash dress up games. 638 more words