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Hitman: most exciting thing at E3

Amidst the excitement for Fallout 4 and how pretty Guerrilla Games’ Horizon looked, it was very easy to overlook the most exciting thing at E3 this year: a game about a bald assassin with piercing blue eyes. 340 more words


E3: Season passes are "not good for gamers" says IO developer

This years Hitman is an unusual proposition, being offered as a platform or service rather than a single-player experience with a linear, time-limited campaign. Hitman will launch with missions and contracts for players to conduct as the legendary Agent 47, but that’s where the game begins, not where it ends. 270 more words


Enter a World of Assassination at E3 2015

The New Hitman was revealed first at the Sony Press Conference at E3 2015 followed by the Square Enix Press Conference and finished in the… 341 more words


E3 2015: iO-Interactive Reveals More About 'Hitman

IO-Interactive Lead Producer Hakan Abrak has revealed new information regarding Hitman at the PC Gaming Show.

Alongside a small slice of new footage, Abrak also explained that the newly announced… 101 more words


My most anticipated games for E3 2015

Ten years ago this month, I went to my very first E3 gaming convention.

It was 2005, and I’d managed to convince my bosses at the metropolitan newspaper that I worked at in Christchurch, New Zealand, that  video games were a big thing and if the company was serious about keeping up with trends it needed to send me to E3, the huge three-day gaming show in Los Angeles. 1,021 more words

Hitman Go iOS Review: Making Sliding Puzzles Cool Again

Hitman Go is a puzzle game based around the Hitman series that effectively distances the player from all the gruesome bloodshed by turning everyone into game pieces. 843 more words