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Hitman's segmented release is anti-gamer

We’re getting a new Hitman game on December 8th. Usually, this would be cause for celebration. But instead, we’re very concerned about what is could mean for gamers and the way video games are released. 1,073 more words


'Hitman' (2016)

The brand new ‘Hitman’ game takes you into a massive world of assassination.

Io-Interactive and Square Enix have released a brand-new trailer for their upcoming Hitman game, showing off one of the game’s expansive levels. 229 more words


Hitman to Launch with Half of Levels at Half-Price

Just when you thought that triple-A couldn’t quite figure out how to do early access properly, Square Enix seems to have hit on a model that is tolerable. 578 more words


Hitman Gets a Release Date and Details on a Cheaper Online Pack

IO Interactive’s latest Hitman release was delayed from it’s December date so the company could add extra content to the game. In a recent post… 350 more words


New 'Hitman' Release Date Announced

Following the recent delay of the upcoming Hitman game, an official new release date has been revealed.

Square Enix and Io Interactive have announced Hitman… 236 more words


Hitman Release Details Revealed

The latest installment in the Hitman franchise will be available for purchase on March 11th, 2016 for PC, PS4 and the Xbox One.

Hitman was recently delayed from December 8th of this year. 212 more words


Upcoming Hitman Game Has Three Different Price Points

IO Interactive’s new Hitman game, which will launch in March 2016, has already created a lot of confusion and controversey. The developers announced that rather than releasing the full game they’ll instead put out a chunk of the game to begin with, and will then gradually add more and more content. 296 more words