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Gord Gillies: Remembering Frank King

I must have formally interviewed Frank King about 20 times over the past 35 years. Add in a few dozen “Hello, how are yous?” at one function or another and I’m happy to say we had developed a warm relationship. 343 more words


Interactive Authoring Environments for Reproducible Media: Stencila

One of the problems associated with keeping up with tech is that a lot of things that “make sense” are not the result of the introduction or availability of a new tool or application in and of itself, but in the way that it might make a new… 666 more words


Generative Assessment Creation

It’s coming round to that time of year where we have to create the assessment material for courses with an October start date. In many cases, we reuse question forms from previous presentations but change the specific details. 460 more words



Доброго вечора, панове.

Сьогодні було зафіксовано чергову розсилку #LokiBot.

Даний тип ШПЗ застосовується для збору інформації та крадіжки облікових даних.

Цього разу, як і 130318… 230 more words



Доброго вечора, панове.

Вчора була зафіксована розсилка шкідливого коду типу #Adwind (RAT).

Ми вже кілька разів розбирали його різні варіації.

#Adwind застосовується для збору інформації та віддаленого керування інфікованими системами. 396 more words


Generating Printable MS Word Versions of Merged Jupyter Notebooks

One of the issues we know students have with the Jupyter notebooks that we provide as part of the course is that there is no straightforward way of printing them them all out for offscreen reading / annotation. 398 more words


Seeding Shared Folders With Files Distributed via a VM

For the first few presentations of our Data Management and Analysis course, the course VM has been distributed to students via a USB mailing. This year, I’m trying to move to a model whereby the primary distribution is via a… 581 more words