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UN resolutions—the best solution for Kashmir 

Srinagar, August 20 (KMS Report ): In occupied Kashmir, the High Court Bar Association has said that the Kashmir dispute can only be peacefully resolved through implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions and the holding of unconditional and result-oriented talks among all stakeholders on Kashmir. 360 more words

Decoding Article 370

Once upon a time, there was a king who ruled freely but its own defense was not so strong, one day the king’s land was attacked from one side and the aggressors were raping women, killing children and were destroying everything which came in their way in order to kill the ruler and get the land.  851 more words

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The Brilliant Use of Iok Kujan and Hate Watching

In Mobile Suit Gundam, often there is one character that garners hatred from the fanbase no matter what season. For this season of Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans, we have that one central hated figure. 1,367 more words


International Parliamentarians Seminar on Kashmir

Pakistan arranged an international Parliamentarians  seminar on Kashmir in which more than 400 delegates took part with parliamentarians from 20 countries. PTV World’s report on it

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Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 36


Seriously, Iok is getting my vote for dumbest character ever and there are some really stupid characters in the Gundam universe. Other than that, this episode picks up exactly where we left off last episode, races through different dialogues with various groups of characters before going straight for a disaster bordering on tragedy. 130 more words

Solution of Kashmir Conflict

Solution of Kashmir conflict – the main reason and issue between Pakistan, India, and China (Kashmiris do not matter for all of them):

Regardless the ego & ignorance, facts & figures, history & past; move on for out of the box and innovative solution to insure peaceful future of the world. 316 more words

Islamisation of Knowledge (IOK) Assignment

Technology: an opportunity or a challenge to IOK?

Technology is indeed inevitable. The world is evolving at a fast pace and our mind has been modernised through the aid of technology. 428 more words