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View From the Bridge (OK, Cockpit)

I thought I’d share a few photos just to show the variety of places we go to. All have their charms.

First, a recent favourite: Bungalow Bay. 180 more words

Ionian Islands

The Ionian islands stretch from Corfu in the north to Zakinthos in the south. They make up a unique chain of islands, which in contrast to the Aegean Islands are green and lush; covered in olive groves, cypress trees and in parts heavily forested right down to the sparkling blue sea. 608 more words

Richard Clement

A Story Unfolding

I have started writing my first book – a travel memoir. Here’s a small excerpt about sailing in the Greek Islands. Wouldn’t you love to be there right now? 49 more words

Louise Eddy - Writer

Lovely Lakka, on Paxos.

The small island of Paxos in the Ionian Sea is one of our favourite places.

We have visited on our yacht many times and never grown tired of how lovely it is. 463 more words

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Greek Islands, Amorgos – Katapola and the Chora — Have Bag, Will Travel

There were a lot of French people on Amorgos because this island was one of the locations for the Luc Besson film ‘Le Grande Bleu’ which posy film critics and the French rave about but which turns out to be one of those hard to understand surrealist French non-event movies that goes around in ever decreasing self indulgent circles until it finally disappears up its own aperture.

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Ionian Islands

I was very pleased to finish my quest to visit all the Ionian islands until I found out there is one left – Kythira (Κoύθηρα). It is located far on the south and administratively it belongs to Athica region but geographically it is an Ionian island. 396 more words


An Ionian Island Adventure--Kefallonia

Throughout all my years as a tourist in Greece, and in the two-plus years that I’ve lived here, most of my island visits have focused on the Cyclades–the island group south of Athens famous for its iconic villages of blue and white cube-shaped buildings, tumbling precipitously down rocky, bone dry mountainsides. 802 more words