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How to Design Self-Service Storage - ioFABRIC Briefing Note

For application owners, storage is an overly complicated ordeal that they must go through in order to get applications up and performing well. Ideally, application owners should be masked from the complexity of the infrastructure. 728 more words

Briefing Note

Why Do All-Flash Arrays Need QoS?

If all-flash arrays provide instant, unlimited performance, why manage how much of that performance they deliver through techniques like quality of service (QoS)? For most organizations one of the attractions to all-flash arrays is the set and forget answer to performance. 670 more words


GoodRAM CX300 240 GB (SATA)

Pamięć: TLC NAND
Kontroler: Phision S11
Zapis sekwencyjny: 460 MB/s
Odczyt sekwencyjny: 550 MB/s
Gwarancja: 3 lata (200 TBW)

Cena: od 359 złotych

Dyski GOODRAM CX300 oparte zostały na kontrolerze Phision S11 oraz pamięciach TLC NAND wykonanych w procesie 15 nanometrów przez Toshibę. 123 more words

Powering Your Legacy Apps, Containers and HPC with One Data Fabric

In a recent article, Storage Switzerland introduced the concept of a data fabric. It is essentially a storage architecture that spans a variety of locations ranging from on-premises to the cloud. 851 more words


The Fundamentals of Storage Performance: realities and misconceptions

Storage performance is core to application performance and data access.  When we talk about storage performance, we typically talk about IOPS and throughput, but there is a third variable, latency.   699 more words

How to avoid storage network overload with Storage QoS

Every systems administrator who manages I/O intensive workloads is acutely aware of the problems that happen when storage controllers become overloadedapplications come to a screeching halt. 165 more words


Porting from SQLIO to DISKSPD: How to Test Disk Performance for SQL Server


Original post related to SQLIO took from brentozar blog.

diskspd -w100 -t8 -d60 -o32 -r -b8K -Sh -L -c20G C:\test.dat
diskspd -w0 -t8 -d60 -o32 -r -b8K -Sh -L -c20G C:\test.dat
diskspd -w100 -t8 -d60 -o32 -si -b64K -Sh -L -c20G C:\test.dat
diskspd -w0 -t8 -d60 -o32 -si -b64K -Sh -L -c20G C:\test.dat
… 264 more words
Sql Server