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Mobile phones and devices are getting dominant over other technologies with today’s fast paced world when it comes to user base. This shift has been driven due to factor of increasing scope of mobile application development and research over mobile technologies. 73 more words


Do remember your first walk on the canopy walk?Well Ghana based developers Play233 have developed a 3D game based on the Kakum Forest Canopy Walk Way, named KakumForestRun,the game will be released on 28th November 2015 and will be available for FREE downloads on GooglePlay, App Store, and Airtel… 70 more words

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Android / iPhone Blues.

Most screens use white light today that’s actually blue-ish. That ‘blue light’ can disrupt your sleep, if you tend to use your phone, tablet or laptop within an hour of going to bed. 336 more words

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Agh, I found a partial post left here from the last time I tried to post something. It’s cleaned up now! I know I don’t post much anyways, but things should still look nice, right? 701 more words

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How to get a Paid iOS app for Free

Who doesn’t like free stuff? I think everybody does like it. And I want to give you some trick on how to get a paid iOS app for free, legally. 304 more words

Working with what you have (1 of 3)

What camera you have does not dictate how good your photos will be. It is just like what pencil you have doesn’t dictate your handwriting, or drawing. 167 more words

Who's Minding the Apple App Store?

If you tried to launch an app on your Mac after 5 pm ET Wednesday and were greeted with a scary error message, you are not alone. 315 more words