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Evernote attempts to simplify with its new iOS app

Did anyone really love the Evernote mobile app? No? Well, good news then: the company is giving it another crack today, introducing what it hopes will be a simpler, more efficient tool to help you record your ideas, as well as search through and organize your Evernote content. 818 more words


Roku’s new app can replace its remote, help you find something to watch

Fresh on the heels of introducing new TV models at CES, and touting its 13 percent share of the smart TV market, Roku today is rolling out a revamped mobile application aimed at making it easier to access its most popular features, including search and the remote control, while also introducing a new way to find things to watch. 584 more words


Apple App Store prices rise in UK, India and Turkey

Apple is to put up the price it charges for apps in the UK, India and Turkey.UK costs will numerically match those of the US, meaning that a program that costs $0.99 will now be 99p. 394 more words


10 old school games you can play on your smartphone right now

By Stuff Magazine

Week after week, a torrent of shiny new mobile games floods the app stores, offering in-app purchases like there’s no tomorrow.Despite their impressive graphics and meticulously calculated addictiveness, though, nothing quite warms our hearts like the classics of old. 1,154 more words


'Hot Wheels: Race Off': Top Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top eight tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Hot Wheels: Race Off.

• Take care of your free gifts – they’re going to be very important in the long run. 156 more words


'Castle Creeps TD': Top Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top eight tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Castle Creeps TD.


• Upgrade your Heroes to unlock extra abilities, such as Lance’s Dragon Flame or Eris’ Mage Frost, that will turn the tide of battle in your favor. 263 more words


Snapchat's Latest Feature Is Going To Make Stalking Your Ex Easier

By James Dawson – STUFF

Snapchat has decided to go ahead and make stalking your ex / crush / friends / everyone else that bit easier by introducing a new search function. 239 more words