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Last Week on My Mac: Testing trust in system upgrades and updates

The relationship of trust between an operating system supplier and the user is very complex. Apple makes it more so by its extraordinary secrecy, a policy which last week was brought into ridicule by the leaking of instructions about that policy. 864 more words


Fitur Keamanan Pengemudi Bakal Meningkat Drastis di iPhone

Photo by TIMES Indonesia

Apple mengungkapkan jika fitur terbaru iPhone akan ditanamkan demi mengurangi potensi kecelakaan di jalan akibat pengemudi yang teralihkan oleh ponsel mereka.


Wow, Dubai Perkenalkan Robot Polisi Pertama di Dunia

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Anda pernah menyaksikan film Robocop edisi 1987 maupun 2014? Jika ya, maka teknologi yang dulu cuma dianggap fiksi itu, kini makin mendekati realita.


Pokemon GO Siapkan Mode Perang Bersama

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Untuk merayakan satu tahun peluncuran Pokemon GO, Niantic Labs menyiapkan update terbaru yang terbilang masif, termasuk mode pertarungan bersama Raid Battles.


What can I do if my Membership isn't Working?

Hey Penguins,

Have you or your parent ever purchased a Membership for Club Penguin Island and it didn’t update to your Penguin’s account? Well we have a way to hopefully resolve that issue for you. 109 more words

Club Penguin Island

Creating lists with SiriKit on iOS11

Last year, Apple announced SiriKit, which provides a lot of opportunities for the developers to provide functionality to the users via Siri. However, there are restrictions in the domains that can utilize this feature and if your app isn’t part of those domains, then you can’t make a big use of it. 1,426 more words


Living in A Dream

I downloaded this photo app called Beauty Plus and I can’t stop playing with it. It’s from the makers of Meitu, with a slightly better interface. 56 more words