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Zoobe Decorates Ghostbusters HQ For Christmas

Zoobe shared with ghostheads and anyone who’ll be in a festive mood over the next month that they’ve updated their Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ background.

Apparently the guys, Janine, or the rookies found time to mop up ectoplasm and decorate the office for Christmas. 60 more words


Beta Software. Is It Worth It?

Hello everyone! How are you?

Ever since iOS 7, I have been using beta software from Apple on my iPhone for major releases. I always like to see what Apple has to offer behind the scenes before the public is able to see. 259 more words

9to5Mac's HomeKit Holiday Gift Guide: Lights, switches, sensors and more for the Siri + smart home lifestyle

The idea of a smart home is a long running meme in technological circles. Apple has made the biggest stride recently with HomeKit and there is now a significant ecosystem of lights, switches, and other accessories to buy for your home. 924 more words

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[이벤트] 러블리즈 패키지 이벤트 스페셜 기프트 4차 당첨자 발표!

러블리즈 알람 스페셜기프트 4차 당첨자 발표!

마지막 스페셜기프트 당첨자를 발표합니다!! (아쉽ㅠ)
핸드폰 뒷자리로 본인이 맞는지 확인해주세요!!

888번째 구매자: 유O하(3523)
1111번째 구매자: 김O서(3702)
1112번째 구매자: 최O호(1171)
1995번째 구매자: 문O서(8412)

당첨되신 분께는 금일 안내 문자가 발송될 예정입니다.
자세한 배송 정보도 함께 보내드리니 참고해주세요!

+ 숫자 선정 이유
888(8…!), 1111(러블리너스), 1112(데뷔쇼케이스), 1995(평균출생년도)


Using Inoreader and Reeder to Follow the News

In my quest to become more simplified, over the past year, I’ve become more relient on RSS as a means to receive important news and information. 310 more words


iOS Gaming - Multiplayer Strategy game to play with roommates?

Multiplayer Strategy game to play with roommates?

I've been on and off iOS gaming for a while because when I get into a game I go hardcore for the first couple weeks and then I get bored. 60 more words

Video Games

iOS Gaming - How to find new ipad/ iphone mmorpg info, for games like WoW?

How to find new ipad/ iphone mmorpg info, for games like WoW?

I have searched 100 times trying to find new mmorpg's, like Wow, for my ipad or iphone 6 plus. 74 more words

Video Games