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Create Horizontal Scrolling Lists in NativeScript Apps

We’ve all seen it, horizontal scrolling lists in our favorite apps. Google uses this UI concept its Play Store app to list related apps horizontally. It’s slick and works well to show off a small set of items that are related. 652 more words


Calm Down Windows Fans, Apple Is Not Getting a Free Pass

To hear critics tell it, the media—including Fortune—are determined to bash Microsoft at every opportunity. Worse yet, they claim, the press are in the bag for Apple, ignoring big Apple snafus while turning a microscope on what Microsoft does. 417 more words


iOS Gaming - Crafter Game Update

Crafter Game Update

App Store

Hello /r/iosgaming, this is a minimalist game for those who love to craft.

Since the last post here, we've added more than 50 recipes, a new side quest system, a few new mechanics. 68 more words

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ROBLOX on Xbox One is Expanding

ROBLOX on the Xbox One was released on January 27, 2016, and has been expanding since then. The Xbox One was released a couple years before. 114 more words


iOS Gaming - [+]Fun Hospital - Tycoon's Back

[+]Fun Hospital – Tycoon’s Back

Submitted May 31, 2016 at 06:15PM by tiberseptim37
via reddit http://ift.tt/1TW4ggO

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Opinion: Siri should be interconnected between devices before an SDK is released

When Siri originally launched on the iPhone a little over four years ago, we postulated that it would be a world-changing event. A personal assistant in our pockets that could handle real-world requests felt like the future. 500 more words