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Husky portrait

This is Maya. I used the iPhone 8 Plus, with its Portrait Lighting feature.


iPhone: Do Not Disturb While Driving

It’s almost impossible to go for a drive without seeing another driver distracted by their phones. With the introduction of iOS 11, a new feature called Do Not Disturb While Driving attempts to help drivers focus on the road and not their iPhones. 169 more words


Ask MathStudio by Pomegranate Apps LLC gone Free

Ask MathStudio Ask MathStudio gives you instant answers to your math questions using natural language on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch! Ask everything from basic math… Download via AppZapp http://ift.tt/1DF7Osh

Apple and GE announce deep partnership

While Apple has had its share of enterprise partners in recent years including IBM, Cisco and SAP, today’s proclamation that it will be working immediately with GE feelings a bit different with the two companies more closely intertwined than in previous deals. 590 more words


Former Apple employee launches beautiful iOS focused Reddit client

(Source: 9to5mac.com)

A new Reddit client has launched today for iPhone and iPad that has been built specifically with iOS in mind. Apollo is a full featured Reddit client with 3D Touch support, customizable gestures, a fast Jump Bar, and much more. 409 more words


For the past weeks I’ve had outrageously bad battery life on my iPhone 7, running iOS 11. A lot of the battery drain was from the Podcasts app (approx. 123 more words


Library of the Month: DZNEmptyDataSet

This month we’re checking out the DZNEmptyDataSet library which can be included in your XCode project via CocoaPods.

If your UICollectionView or UITableView views are populated dynamically, this library will make it extremely easy to handle the case where these views might be empty if there is a situation where there isn’t any available data to display.   232 more words