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We all, hopefully, know the story of the Trojan War. As a super short recap, Paris of Troy captured Helen of Sparta. King Menelaus of Sparta, quite pissed about his wife being abducted, asked his brother, King Agamemnon of Mycenae, for help raising an army to attack Troy and take her back. 642 more words


Moses' Horns

That is Michelangelo’s “Moses”, Moses as in the biblical figure, as in the basis for Charlton Heston—­­­or is that the other way around. And those are indeed horns. 234 more words


Iotas in Lil' Tokyo


Hitting up Little Tokyo with my favs!

Stop 1: Wolf and Crane. Had their High Ball. Scotch whiskey, ginger ale, soda. Simple and concise. 87 more words