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IOTA admits it has no formal partnership with Microsoft

(Source: thenextweb.com)

Following some speculation from the cryptocurrency community, IOTA has come out to clarify that it currently has no formal partnership with Microsoft, despite its… 572 more words



Spoiler alert, walls and nationalism have never worked. How’s that for an opening?

The short story on the history of walls is the story of their relative uselessness. 693 more words



Nobody goes it alone. Alliances continue to be an important part of diplomatic and military strategies. Before Adolf Twitler fucks up NATO for us, let’s look at the history of political, economic, and military alliances. 1,577 more words


Seven Sevens

We’re a superstitious lot, aren’t we? Rituals, lucky clothing, taboos, horoscopes, fortunes, and numbers. “Seven” has been a favorite number holding special meaning for basically all of recorded history. 1,209 more words



Recently, a bunch of coins were found off the coast of Spain. Also, some guy in the UK unearthed a Roman villa in his garden… 1,666 more words


Big Names

Classics has been around for a while. Technically, it’s been around since Homer. As an academic discipline, it is the benchmark of Western education. Little Jimmy Caesar had to study his Homer and Herodotus too (and not in translation). 1,664 more words