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Renters rejoice! This company is testing "smart" apartments

Homeowners are increasingly forking over the money to buy Internet connected gadgets like “smart” door locks that they can open by pressing a button on their smartphones. 573 more words



Sources. Everyone knows if you’re going to write a paper or book, you need sources. Lots of them. Even in fandom and other places, we talk about “source material”. 1,379 more words



Hello, my brothers and sisters. Let us give thanks to Mother Gaia and our Olympian overlords for the bounty they have bestowed upon our planet—and for not squishing us like bugs. 1,357 more words



Oh, English. It’s like a language made by committee. A SNAFU of epic proportion, made up of the words and rules of pretty much the rest of the Indo-European language tree. 1,611 more words



Herodotus’ Histories, Apollonius’ Argonautica, Euripides’ Medea. Most of us can name at least one or two ancient works. If you’re a churchy-type you might even be able to name several of the books in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible (the Roman Catholic Church uses Latin, and the New Testament was written in Greek, so I’m totally counting these as part of my field). 1,013 more words



We all, hopefully, know the story of the Trojan War. As a super short recap, Paris of Troy captured Helen of Sparta. King Menelaus of Sparta, quite pissed about his wife being abducted, asked his brother, King Agamemnon of Mycenae, for help raising an army to attack Troy and take her back. 642 more words


Moses' Horns

That is Michelangelo’s “Moses”, Moses as in the biblical figure, as in the basis for Charlton Heston—­­­or is that the other way around. And those are indeed horns. 234 more words