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Just so you know: Naomi Jackson is totally worth 40 Hrs on a Megabus

I recently completed my four in-house Master Fiction classes with Naomi Jackson at Catapult in NYC (with two more to go remotely). This required that I board a Megabus in my small central Pennsylvania town on Thursday morning, careen across the pasture lands for 5 hours, plus at least an hour of stop-and-go New Jersey traffic and Lincoln Tunnel nausea, rush down Fashion Ave. 631 more words


The Isolation of ‘The Worlds We Think We Know’

Blind spots in human perception are difficult to identify. In order to operate comfortably on a day-to-day basis, people must rely on apparent truths of the sensory world when interacting with people and places. 759 more words


An Interview With Writer J.J. Hemmestad

J.J. Hemmestad is the author of Visions of a Dream; here is a link to her website:



Q: What is Visions of a Dream… 1,022 more words

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Episode 167: Mary Kubica, Don't You Cry

Dear Listener,

We are truly sorry about this week’s book pick, which is–how to put this politely?–pretty sucky. The one of us who picked the book understands where he went wrong, and is very contrite about his mistake. 130 more words


The Iowa Writer's Workshop 2017

Feb. 22 / 17

Hey! The Iowa Writer’s Workshop will be coming this summer and yes, there is information for this upcoming workshop……

cred: university of iowa… 133 more words


Abandonement by Numbers (an exercise)

As some of you may know, I participated in the MOOC from Iowa Writer’s Workshop again this year. I actually wasn’t able to finish due to some demands on my time but I did wind up in an online writing group with my friends from last year. 358 more words

Short Story