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You And I Are Meant For Greater Things

The following is excerpted from an open letter I wrote a few weeks ago.

“You and I are meant for greater things,” I say now but know I am only putting on my best face to keep your spirits high. 545 more words

Ann Patchett's Truth and Beauty: A Mixed Bag

I have mixed feelings after just completing Ann Patchett’s memoir about her friendship with Lucy Grealy, a poet/memoirist/essayist who died at 39 from what appeared to be a drug overdose: … 465 more words


A Reunion & Pilgrimage / Reconnaissance / CreepFest

We get all smug about those bugs who can’t help but throw themselves at zappers (formally called electrical discharge insect control systems, because that’s a thing that people give a formal name), and we maybe shouldn’t do that. 1,289 more words


BTN LiveBIG: Northwestern instructor Stuart Dybek’s road to writing mastery

Every Big Ten school has produced leaders who have reached the pinnacle of their professions, whether business, government, science and technology, medicine or education. High Profile… 917 more words

Poetics Serendipity

8:51 a.m. — Atlanta

listening to The House You’re Building sung by Audrey Assad

Hello, everyone. Shall we get to it? I had a bit of a lie in and my brain isn’t even up to talking about the weather (and that’s one of my favourite topics — for real). 398 more words


Reading Log: Paul Harding’s Tinkers

by Paul Harding

Tinkers is a short book, but it was hard to get through. One might be tempted to call the prose purple if it weren’t so wonderful and evocative; dense and elaborate figurative language and metaphors that shift and distort. 263 more words