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Happy Birthday Paul Engle

Poet, teacher, critic and best known for leading and promoting the Iowa Writers Workshop.  Kurt Vonnegut, a member of the workshop, described Engle as follows: 177 more words


When Kurt Met Jose

“Maybe I will come to Chile, but not before I learn Spanish. There is a Chile, Indiana, incidentally, not far from my birthplace. The locals pronounce it Shy-lie, and have no idea why some people smile at that.” 1,083 more words


How Iowa is helping young people find their voice: BTN LiveBIG

It should surprise no one that we’re rather keen on writers. And when it comes to writing in the Big Ten, one university springs immediately to mind: the University of Iowa. 577 more words


Thank you, Marilynne Robinson

Last weekend I spent time with my nephew who is also a writer. We talked books and the writing process. We also talked a bunch about Marilynne Robinson, and the next morning I woke with her on my mind. 85 more words

Episode 190: Summer of Selfies, Curtis Sittenfeld ("Show Don't Tell")

This week we’re discussing a recently published story from The New Yorker by Curtis Sittenfeld, author of a number of books, including Prep and American Wife… 173 more words


Writers, Entitlement, Snark - Oh, My!

As busy as I am right now, I can’t seem to move past this article about Dan Thomson, a 68-year-old man who recently filed a complaint against the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, claiming they rejected his application on the basis of age discrimination. 2,969 more words


Just so you know: Naomi Jackson is totally worth 40 Hrs on a Megabus

I recently completed my four in-house Master Fiction classes with Naomi Jackson at Catapult in NYC (with two more to go remotely). This required that I board a Megabus in my small central Pennsylvania town on Thursday morning, careen across the pasture lands for 5 hours, plus at least an hour of stop-and-go New Jersey traffic and Lincoln Tunnel nausea, rush down Fashion Ave. 631 more words