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THIS is Internet control: Iowahawk posits scenario preferable to net neutrality

While the FCC continues to debate and revise President Obama’s Internet plan behind closed doors, Iowahawk has a preferable scenario:

I'd rather have the internet control government than government control the internet.

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Iowahawk called it! Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg admits she wasn't '100% sober' at the SOTU

Remember Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg falling asleep during President Obama’s SOTU address in January? It was quite amusing:

We are all Ruth Bader Ginsburg now. …

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'Flavor Flav 2016': Public Enemy rapper says US should have wiped out ISIS after first beheading

Public Enemy is certainly no conservative rap group, giving shout outs to Louis Farrakhan and rushing out singles like “Son of a Bush” to accuse the 43rd president of being a “serial killer kid,” citing his record of executions as governor of Texas. 323 more words


Ratings Implosion Signals Big Changes at Left Wing MSNBC

MSNBC has never had great ratings but things are looking especially bad lately.

Changes are coming to the network according to a new report by… 214 more words


Early Photos of #Snowmageddon2015

This storm is getting a lot of hype so I felt obligated to do this exclusive photo report.

I just took a walk around the neighborhood and sure enough, it’s snowing. 33 more words


'A president who believes in free speech doesn't': Iowahawk tees off on Obama's free speech hypocrisy

Iowahawk reminds us why any thought that the Obama administration is suddenly the guardian of free speech is nonsensical.

A president who believes in free speech doesn't apologize to foreign governments for videos made by his country's private citizens.

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