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How can gov't promote healthy eating? Iowahawk sees the inevitable 'solution'

@iowahawkblog @allahpundit Ah. The "food desert" myth.

— Demon 2-6 (@DemonTwoSix) May 9, 2015

Michelle Obama often talks about “food deserts,” saying that healthier food needs to be more readily available in America’s inner cities.

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Discuss! Iowahawk has a theory about 'the only reason Hillary's running'

This might explain why Team Clinton needs to keep the Scooby van tuned up so it can maintain those high speeds and elusive maneuverability:

Starting to think the only reason Hillary's running is to avoid indictment.

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Watch Our Foolish Media Run After Hillary Like Lapdogs

Hillary’s “Scooby Van” arrived in Iowa today. Watch our pathetic media lapdogs run like crazed fans to get a glimpse of their new hero.

Punchline: the "event" only had 22 people at it.

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Totally Unbiased Media Personalities Have Dinner With The Clinton Campaign

Some of the anchors who attended Friday's off the record cocktail party with Clinton campaign staffers… pic.twitter.com/yybUuhpyvg

— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) April 12, 2015

Get ready for another presidential campaign where our unbiased media will be in bed with the Democrat.

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Ka-POW! Iowahawk nukes WH's horrifying 'agreement' with Iran

Nobody goes after the Obama administration quite like Iowahawk. And on the heels of today’s appalling proposed “agreement”¬†with Iran, Iowahawk is pounding the shameful White House with surgical precision: 241 more words

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SHOCKER: Department Of Justice Won't Prosecute Lois Lerner

It’s a good thing Lois Lerner doesn’t own a pizza shop in Indiana, otherwise she’d be in real trouble.

Luckily for her, all she did was use the force of the most powerful government agency in America to intimidate and harass law abiding taxpayers who disagree with President Obama. 152 more words