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Ace and Iowahawk make big funny with ‘Borowitz Comedy Skool’

#borowitzcomedyskool What if the pope drank redbull and said things like “Go for it” — TheModernMan (@AceofSpadesHQ) February 28, 2013New Yorker satirist

Greece May Start Printing IOU Currency

Greece has rejected the terms of the Eurozone and this is a teachable moment.

Something that couldn’t go on forever, won’t…

Defiant Greeks reject EU demands as Syriza readies IOU currency…

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Six People Show Up For Hillary Campaign Watch Party in Iowa


I’ve never seen a CNN reporter look so disappointed…

I hope they served free coffee.

And now, over to our Iowa correspondent David Burge… 17 more words


Bill Clinton Took $500,000 to Speak at Charity Event for Tsunami Victims

Most people who are worth hundreds of millions give large amounts of money to disaster victims.

The Clintons on the other hand…

An Award for Bill Clinton Came With $500,000 for His Foundation…

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Watch Our Foolish Media Run After Hillary Like Lapdogs

Hillary’s “Scooby Van” arrived in Iowa today. Watch our pathetic media lapdogs run like crazed fans to get a glimpse of their new hero.

Punchline: the "event" only had 22 people at it.

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