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DevNotes: An iPhone in an Another World Could Be an IP Phone

For folks who use their iPhones in enterprises against a Microsoft ecosystem, be careful when adding contacts using Apple’s Contacts app. In Contacts, “iPhone” is a special field for entering a user’s iPhone to directly auto register the iMessage service (or Messages – whatever it’s called today.) 215 more words


What Is VoIP PBX System of What Use Can It Be To You?

If you are running a small business, a VoIP PBX is just what you may be lacking to make commendation more efficient.

What is VoIP PBX? 336 more words


Business Solutions - Is Using Virtual PBX The Correct Way To Proceed?

If you’re operating a business or plan on starting one up, you will probably already know – your company and office communications will be vital to the success of your enterprise. 730 more words

Voip Reseller

New Youth Phone industry understand the needs of Resellers, service providers and startups and move in quickly to fulfill them.

New Youth Phone is one of the first Private Label… 67 more words


Using the PBX VoIP Phone in Modern Business

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) involves the transmission of voice signals over Internet lines and data networks. VoIP allows users to place phone calls from just about anywhere using a broadband Internet. 604 more words

Voice domain permission

For an IP Phone to obtain an IP address, you must ensure that the Authorisation Permission or Policy Element – Result has the Voice Domain Permission checked or Cisco AV pair applied. 18 more words

Cisco ISE