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Track 4: Trap

A late start and complete alteration to my Trap track. I have started again with only a few days left to get it done. I have brand new ideas and new methods and techniques to complete it. 28 more words


Portfolio Planning

For my submission I have decided to print everything and get it bound properly. This should in theory give me a much better and nicer looking project with all of my files and prep work recorded and annotated. 27 more words


MTU и MSS: в чём различие?

На неделе пришлось углубиться в понимание ответа на этот вопрос. При поиске информации нашёл краткое, но понятное объяснение от Джереми. Поэтому, чтобы не изобретать велосипед, привожу здесь его перевод (с некоторыми вольностями – для облегчения чтения на русском языке).

Is the American offshore cash pile blinding investors to corporate weakness?

When American companies take advantage of loopholes to keep their earnings overseas and away from the American tax man, they typically justify the legal-but-embarrassing move by appealing to their responsibility to shareholders—anything to get them another buck. 296 more words


It has often been said that the protection term of a patent lasts twenty years. Precisely, this period of time must be counted from the filing date of the application before the relevant national Office. 366 more words

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Understanding the effects of a Correlation Metre

Checking to see if an audio signal is in and out of phase is useful for determine the overall effect of mono compatibility in a mix. 126 more words


What's mine is yours...lol jks

Last week in #BCM112 we learnt about copyright and how it has TAKEN OVER THE PLANET! (Almost).

As a (sort of) aspiring muso who has had an original song copied and produced as someone else’s original work *tear*, I do thank the Statute of Queen Anne back in 1710 for granting monopoly rights to creators of content. 104 more words