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User Login History Wordpress Plugin

A simple WordPress plugin for user login history.
By this plugin you can track user login history.



An interesting take on IP and copyright

As the legal battle between Paramount/CBS and the producers of the fan-film Axanar slogs on, an interesting amicus brief was filed in court by the Language Creation Society about whether or not the Klingon language should be subject to copyright protections. 60 more words

Virtual Network Services

Virtual Networks on Azure are broken down into Address Spaces and Subnets:

  • Virtual Networks (VNets) provide network connectivity for Azure resources both internally and externally via a VPN Gateway.
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웹서버에서 특정 URL 접속시 IP차단설정 법

아파치 : http://blog.whitelife.co.kr/267

NGINX : 검색중

WEBTOB 4 : 검색중

RUMOR: Retro Studios Creating a New IP?

Emily Rogers is back again with another rumor. This time, it’s all about Retro Studios. According to Emily Rogers, Retro Studios seems to not be working on a new Donkey Kong game or a new Metroid game, but is working on a whole new IP for the NX. 147 more words


Dark Souls Dev Already Working on New IP

Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki has confirmed development on a new property has begun at From Software, and the studio has no intention of following Dark Souls 3 up with another sequel. 161 more words