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No music to ears

A music director creates the melody, while a background singer brings those melodies to life. The music company takes those melodies to the public at large. 598 more words

A Point Of View

How Did IBM 'Get a Patent for an Out-Of-Office Email System' in 2017?

Earlier this year, IBM was granted a US patent entitled ‘Out-of-Office Electronic Mail Messaging System’. Since then, various sources have published articles appearing to be outraged that the patent was allowed. 818 more words


What assessments did I have while training to become an Independent Prescriber?

Now, you are all probably thinking…. “was there a written exam?”

I know the vast majority of people aren’t fans of written exams, and neither am I. 329 more words

Give me a Yay! The Varsity Brands decision

It is the talk of the town. On March 22 the US Supreme Court decided the Star Athletica LLC v. Varsity Brands Inc. case that dealt with the copyrightability of designs on articles of clothing. 558 more words

Fashion & Business


LIKELIHOOD-OF-CONFUSION: the principal concept of #trademark law. In a competitive market overloaded with tones of businesses producing exactly the same stuff it’s easy for a consumer to get really goddamn confused. 40 more words

Have the courage to ask

A while ago I had the pleasure of running into a podcast, ‘How workflows will set your law firm free’ produced by ‘Building New Law’. IP Lawyer and co-founder of Perry + Currier, Andrew Currier talks about the efficiency of using standard processes and workflows within the practice. 598 more words

Intellectual Property

What's in a name? (Quite a lot really if it's yours and you want to register it as a trademark.)

Source: Barker Brettell LLP via Mondaq

“Trading under your name is an appealing idea, especially in the fashion world,  where designers frequently use their own names as brands. 228 more words