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Google Photos for LSA's/Teaching Assistants

16Gb can quickly fill with photos and videos. If you are a GAFE school you can utilise the unlimited free storage of Google Drive with Google Photo’s. 76 more words

Finding somewhere to vlog

As I film on an ipad I cant just put my camera on a pile of books or on a table i have to put against a wall or hold it which is annoying as there are barley any walls in my house that i can put it against and ipads are heavy im upgrading to an… 14 more words

You Can Do It Too

Earlier this week, I received news that My Mouthful Monster Party TinyTap game, which was created in Sep 2015, has been played over 1000 times. 84 more words


How an iPad Can Replace your Laptop or Desktop Computer

Home computing is not the way it once was. 15 years ago every home had a big white/off-white box in one room of the house where people would spend hours typing and clicking away. 642 more words


The Vote Is In

Good Groundhog Day morning!  Puxapacket Puxatonic Puxapawney forget it, I’ll just call him PP.  Wait, that doesn’t sound too good either.  Ok, Phil saw his shadow, or didn’t see his shadow, I can’t remember which one means what, but whatever he saw, or didn’t see, means we’ll have an early Spring.   959 more words


Understand NSAssert (and its stdlib equivalent Assert)

Assert is to make sure a value is what its supposed to be. If an assertion fails that means something went wrong and so the app quits. 188 more words


KVO crash NSKVODeallocate

This crash happens when an instance gets released before all key value observers pointing to its properties release. You need to call removeObserver:forKeyPath: before releasing the instance. 26 more words