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CoreTelephony CTCallCenter

The [ init] must be run in the main queue. Is it thread safe ??? Better call it on main thread only.

There is an iOS bug that causes instances of the CTCallCenter class to sometimes get notifications after they have been deallocated. 41 more words


Multitouch Memories

With the technology available today, it is really quite easy for our seniors to be able capture their memories, thoughts and insights in multimedia and with multi-touch touch features. 176 more words


Creating Photo & Video Slideshows is Easy With Quik for iPad

I love iPad video editor apps like iMovie and Splice, but sometimes all you really want to do is quickly throw some photos together in a slideshow, save it as a movie, and share it with others. 757 more words


The dark days for Apple's iPad are over

”After a tumultuous multi-year stretch that included massive unit sales declines, declining average selling prices (ASPs), and deteriorating margin trends, the iPad business has turned a corner,” Neil Cybart writes for Above Avalon. 275 more words


Party Hats

I am experimenting with a mathematics-based story, and also included characters based on animals from southeast asia.


Is the concept of addition too complex to introduce to the very young? 95 more words


The One App I Can't Live Without

Recently, at the #iPadU conference, I was challenged to think about the one app I couldn’t live without. This was harder than I thought it might be. 524 more words


Eye Aye to Learners Creating

Can TinyTap be used for older learners? Why not?

Take a look at what I have just created here:  http://www.tinytap.it/activities/g1n9a/play/eye-aye

Here is an example of what could have been… 184 more words