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Relax, it's nature morte

How often we get sucked into daily working routines and forget to appreciate small things around us? I took a moment to capture this daily small thing with my iPad.


'Maypril' iPad painting

Going to need new names for the months now, Mune, Junuly, Jaugust, Burn, Smoke, Ash, Thirst… Oops that was gloomy, sorry. Oh, that’s a good month name, ‘Sorry’. Formerly Known as December?

Dead End Beach 30x40 print

Thought it would be interesting to set the iPad in front of the print and snap a pic…you could put 25 of the iPad version into the canvas. 8 more words

Video of 'Dead End Beach' iPad painting

Some good friends got a print, so I made a video while replaying the script in ArtRage… 40×30 300 dpi it’s a big one…

Daily Vision Art

Prints people…think about how drab and dreary your walls are. Not pretty is it? Let’s face it, you need a shotglass full of color straight no chaser. 7 more words

'April Hillside' ipad painting

South facing slopes starting to think about the summer job ahead…