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5S for LEAN Construction / Job Order Contracting / IPD

5S for LEAN Construction / Job Order Contracting / IPD


  1. Stewardship – Practice best value life-cycle management of the built environment.
  2. Share – Enable transparent and open communications among all stakeholders, beginning with initial concept and continuing thru end-of-life.
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LEAN – Best Value Construction Delivery – Job Order Contacting & IPD

LEAN construction delivery focuses upon building processes to delivery more quality projects on-time and on-budget. 345 more words

Big data, LEAN Construction Delivery, High Performance Buildings = Productive Life-cycle Facility Managment

I recently read an article about  concepts that will shape the future of the construction industry.

Three concepts were highlighted-

  1. Big Data
  2. High Performance Buildings…
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LEAN Construction and OPEN Standard Data

LEAN CONSTRUCTION 101  – Common Terms, Definitions, and Data Formats

Standard classification of facility and other physical infrastructure elements is a requirement for LEAN Renovation, Repair, Maintenance, & New Construction Delivery. 307 more words

Why BIM U.K. will Fail.

I just read a post titled “15 Terms Every BIM User Needs to Know”.  It’s a great list, and you can view the terms and link to the associated article below. 291 more words

Procurement: Long Lead!

Procurement: Long lead items pose a real problem for the buyers as availability will vary according to the equipment manufacturer capacity, or specifications may be compromised in order to achieve a favourable price and delivery! 671 more words

BIM or IPD: forget the labels!

BIM or IPD: forget the labels!

I have mentioned BIM but this project is more aligned with an IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) philosophy of which BIM is an integral part. 206 more words